Options and Criteria to Choose Cardboard Packaging For Clothing

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Do you have a brand outlet or an online clothing store and need boxes to make your shipments? Are you looking for packaging solutions to store or transport your clothes from one place to another? In this scenario, you need a quality packaging box to carry your products conveniently. Sometimes, you use custom packaging boxes with a lid. Some love to use boxes with handles that help your customers present themselves as a lover of branded products. So, your presentation as a brand is valid not only with a custom cardboard packaging for clothes.

You need quality boxes, which keep the clothes perfectly protected. It helps you arrive in an optimal condition at their destination. With that, shipping and transportation become comfortable. With multiple options available, we are going to give you the keys to choose your cardboard boxes to store clothes, showing you the different options available and reviewing the criteria to consider to choose one packaging or another.

Tips for choosing the ideal boxes to store clothes

Before choosing the packaging, you must first consider what garments you store or transport. Additionally, you also need to understand the requirements to protect these clothes. The reason is that it will be key to choose your cardboard boxes for clothes. You obviously would not need the same boxes to ship a three-piece suit or wedding dress as a cotton T-shirt or jeans.

Therefore, when choosing boxes to store clothes ask yourself these questions:

  • Can the garments be folded?
  • Do they need to be hanging?
  • Will they be shipped with hangers?
  • How many items are you going to send in the same box?

Similarly, you must also consider who is going to receive the clothes. It becomes critical because there is a difference in transportation and delivery. Your clothes, which you can later iron if it has been wrinkled, or that you are going to be a customer since in that case, it will be important that the clothes arrive perfect.

That said, next, we are going to show you the different cardboard packaging boxes for storing clothes offered by packaging firms, so that you can choose the ones that best suit your needs and can offer you the best results.

Wardrobe boxes for clothes

Wardrobe boxes for clothes are the best option for transporting garments from one place to another, especially if several garments are to be transported, at the same time, and these must arrive intact at their destination.

The most used by warehouses, closet-type boxes include a clothes rail inside, which allows you to place up to 40 hangers at a time, without the need to fold or iron clothes. In addition, you can transport the clothes without having to remove them from the hangers, which is undoubtedly a great convenience and time-saving.

They are organizing cardboard boxes for easy-to-assemble clothes. These boxes include a hinged door to facilitate the placement of the garments, and closure using adhesive tape or seal. A safe bet with which you will not fail.

Die-cut boxes for e-commerce

If you have an online clothing store and the recipient is an end customer, die-cut boxes for e-commerce will be the best boxes to send clothes, and in fact, they are the most used by fashion firms.

With an elegant and careful design, these boxes are assembled without the need for a seal. You can assemble these boxes by yourself. Furthermore, the clothes will be delivered to your customers in the condition that you want. 

The packaging firms also have boxes to store clothes stamped in different sizes, so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs. And if you wish, they can also manufacture them to measure with a specific die.

Double Shipping Boomerang Die Cut Boxes

Another option is the double shipment boomerang die-cut boxes, which are similar to the previous ones but are designed for online stores with a high number of return shipments, in which changes and returns are the order of the day.

Of high quality, the customer can reuse these boxes to make the return or exchange. The experts guarantee that the clothes will be kept in perfect condition. Additionally, you can also contribute to preserving the environment.

Shoe boxes

Some experts recommend cardboard shoe boxes, ideal for transporting and storing footwear. The reason is that they will guarantee that it will be kept in perfect condition.

We have cardboard boxes for men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes, so you do not doubt that here you will find the perfect packaging to transport your shoes.

You already know, if you need to transport or store clothes, get your cardboard boxes for clothes. These boxes provide you with the perfect solution to keep your clothes and garments in their original shape and look. You can also give the gift of hand sanitizers to your loved ones that can be packed in hand sanitizer boxes usa. Additionally, your customers feel that they have bought a product from a top-notch clothing brand. 

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