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Don’t Make Your Investment A Nightmare, Get A Home Inspection Done!

Are you planning on buying a home to invest in and make some passive income?  Real estate investment is considered the best in long-term investments with the satisfaction of owning your own home that comes along with it. 

Maryland is a great place to invest in property. Maryland has many areas where long-term investments can have lucrative profits. Gaithersburg is a city amongst them, It is known for its ethnic and economic diversity. Let’s say you are making a home purchase to invest money in Gaithersburg and rent it out for extra passive income and long-term capital appreciation. The idea is great as rental properties give you various tax benefits, like deducting insurance, deducting interest on the mortgage, and maintenance costs. So with a rental property, you are building equity every year while your mortgage is covered by a renter. 

One important decision before making such as investment is which property to buy? To help make such a huge decision, you need the services of a Residential home Inspector Gaithersburg MD help assist you in purchasing the house you like. When buying a house, you can analyze it physically for its visual appeal, location, and neighborhood but a residential home inspector’s job is much more. A residential home inspector will do a thorough non-invasive analysis of all the structural and functioning components of the house giving you an in-depth report of areas that are of concern, need repair, or replacement. An Inspector will also suggest further Inspections if he detects problems areas that need immediate attention.

Chances are you are reading this because you have already come across a house in Gaithersburg that you have fallen in love with, looks beautiful, and hits all the right chords, and are already thinking of buying it as a long-term investment or to generate more income out of it and giving it up for rent. Great idea, but before you do, don’t forget to have the house inspected by an expert residential home inspector from Gaithersburg MD. Those polished surfaces and beautiful facades can be deceptive and it’s not worth being deluded when there is a lifetime of savings at stake! To make sure you aren’t making a grave mistake, you need a professional home inspection done. A residential home inspection will uncover things that may be out of sight, and when pointed out in time will save you from serious losses in the long run.

Many homes are repaired and repainted before putting them up on the market. This makes it difficult for buyers to see hidden issues; for instance, there could be mold lurking behind the freshly painted walls, infestations, or faulty insulation. Those floorboards may seem new but what if the fresh polish is hiding moisture stains and damage underneath? Are you up for repairs immediately after having bought a new house? No one is, hence consider a home inspection company to help give you peace of mind while making that important deal.

There are numerous other issues that only a good residential home inspector can uncover, mold being just one of them. Let’s take it as a one-case scenario here, you buy a house as an Investment and discover mold in it. The mistake of not having it inspected by a Home mold inspection Gaithersburg MD company made you face huge damages in terms of repairs and mold mitigation costs. The property you intended to rent out after you bought it, will now have to be torn apart to be repaired. You never bargained for these added expenses and delays but you face them because you did not have the house inspected by a professional home inspector. A good home inspector would have detected signs of moisture and suggested a mold inspection be done. If mold is detected before the property has been bought, then the responsibility falls on the seller to have it eradicated. The seller either fixes the fault or offers a seller credit for the buyer to deal with the problem. This way the problem is taken care of and the buyer doesn’t have to deal with the additional repair costs. Mold infestation can also point out to other problems such as structural issues leading to instability. This leads to another inspection for which a structural engineer or inspector needs to be hired. The thought of all those repairs and costs can be overwhelming and not what you want to go through when buying a property as an investment. That is why it is deemed detrimental to have a property inspected before buying it.  

If you are buying the property through an agent, chances are that a home inspection has already been suggested. If you are buying the home directly from the seller, you can add home inspection as a contingency. It means you and the seller agree on an amount only if the outcome of the inspection is positive, if not you have the option to back out of the deal and save yourself from getting caught in a bad buy.

The state of Maryland laws requires a home inspector to pass the National Home Inspectors Exam and complete an 8-day training course to get ICA certified. Having a licensed inspection company like Top To Bottom Services can aid you in your purchase while safeguarding your future and investment. Our home inspection team ensures you know what you are investing in. We protect you from any hidden surprises. Our Home Inspection covers all the internal and external components such as roofing, exterior, drainage, foundation, basements, crawlspaces, attics, HVAC, plumbing, etc. We will prepare an unbiased thorough report of the property you intend to buy and give you a clear picture of its condition. Use our easy scheduling options and schedule an appointment to get that property inspected before you invest in it. We work hard to help you plan for a better future and keep your investments safe.

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