Selecting the Proper Tyre for your Automobile

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Driving, off-roading or racing, there is a big list of what car owners can do with their automobiles. But the tyre fitted on these vehicles play a prime role in determining how they will perform in such conditions. 

Your car might have a powerful engine, but if it doesn’t have proper tyres fitted, then it ain’t gonna offer the best performance. Tyres are among the most neglected aspect of a car, mostly because cars have stock tyres equipped with them, and car owners do not pay much attention to them unless they get damaged or when trying to replace them.

Getting to read tyre

Before you can visit a tyre retailer to get new tyres for your car, you should get to know the ones already fitted on your vehicle. May it be Pirelli or Goodyear Tyres Darlington, all tyres have some information marked on the sidewalls that car owners should know. This alphanumeric code on the sidewall provides complete information about the dimensions and features of a tyre. 

For example, a tyre marking like this: 165/65 R14 79H means:

  • 165: This number refers to the width of the tyre. 
  • 65: This is the percentage height of the tyre sidewall. This number is in percentage because it is the aspect ratio in relation to the width of that tyre.
  • R: The kind of tyre construction. In this case, R means radial, and other markings include B and D. 
  • 14: This is the inside diameter of the tyre.
  • 79: This denotes the load index that signifies the load-carrying capacity of a tyre.
  • H: This is the speed index and indicates the max speed permissible for the tyre. 

Selecting the right tyre

Now that you know which dimension of tyres you want, its time to keep other things in mind such as:

Tubeless VS Tube Tyre

Tube Tyres

  • These tyres contain a rim, a tube, plus a tyre. 
  • The tube inside these tyres is prone to puncture plus heating up due to pinching or friction generated between the tyre and rims.
  • Air leaks can happen fast in case of a puncture, which can even lead to tube bursts. 
  • If there is an unrepairable puncture on the tube, then the tube can be adjusted and then the tyre can be fixed again.
  • These tyres are inexpensive
  • Easier to repair plus install
  • High maintenance

Tubeless Tyres

  • These tyres contain a rim plus tyre as the main components.
  • These tyres experience no heating due to the absence of a tube.
  • In case of a puncture, the air escapes slowly from the point and provides time for the car owner to drive to the nearest repair shop. 
  • If there is sidewall damage, then the tyre will have to be replaced quickly
  • Expensive than tyres with tubes
  • They need a professional crew with expertise for safe installation.
  • Low maintenance

Try buying the same size!

The tyres that come stock fitted are generally the best ones suited for an automobile unless the car owner is looking for a different driving experience. If you buy bigger tyres, then the mileage and fuel efficiency will be significantly impacted. For example, equipping a wider tyre than prescribed can change the performance of internal parts such as the speedometer readings. Also, buying smaller tyres is not ideal as the car will not operate as well as before when driving. 

Choosing the right tyre tread design

The tread of a tyres is what determines its gripping power and helps avoid aquaplaning in wet weather. There are many tread designs you can decide to get based on your driving style. Some of them include:

Conventional/ Symmetrical tread

This type of tread is the most typical and the most ideal option for millions of car owners. These tyes can be mounted on the rims in any direction and can be used in all kinds of moderate weather conditions. 

Asymmetrical tread

This tread has a different gripping when compared to the other two and provides a different driving experience. These tyre come with a special inside plus outside section and cannot be mounted on the rims randomly. The asymmetrical tread pattern on a tyre helps significantly during high-speed cornering and provides good grip in diverse weather conditions.

Uni-directional tread

A or V tread patterns are the most efficient if rotated in a specified order. This type of tread provides excellent aquaplaning resistance and reduces noise when driving. 

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