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I have done extensive research about the on-demand service industry to understand its intricacies and complexities better. But before I share my insights into how to launch a Powerful Gojek like App of your own, let us understand this industry inside-out.

The on-demand service industry runs on a simple algorithm – An instant sense of gratification that the customer experiences after having one’s demands and desires met in a stipulated time frame. Charlotte had placed an online order of Ranch-Seasoned Roast Turkey with cornbread stuffing using a food delivery app after accidentally burning her Dry Brined Turkey at home by baking it at a high temperature. She just didn’t want to disappoint her family on Thanksgiving Day by serving them burnt meat! She had an instant need for which she demanded immediate delivery, and this is the whole logic behind the on-demand service industry. After gorging on homemade Dark Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie, she then books a cab to the nearest International Airport for her cousin Sarah. Online taxi booking and food delivery form just the tip of the iceberg that encapsulates 70 plus on-demand services on one single platform called the Gojek Clone App CubeJekX 2021.

Now you’d ask me as to why this SuperApp has been a phenomenal success?

This app is the one-stop solution to all of your customers’ on-demand service needs. Be it fixing an appointment with a physiotherapist, fitness coach, lawyer, or requesting TV repair, language translator, plumber – your customers can multi-task with this app like a pro. Although the reasons for this App’ success are manifold, the prime ones are first, it runs on a commission-based business model and second, a professional can render more than one service online through this single login platform. And every single time service is rendered through this SuperApp, the App Owner earns a certain percentage of the bill amount as commissions.

Now that I have made you aware of the Benefits of Gojek Clone App, our next step is how to get one! Should you buy it or build it from the ground up?

If you decide to buy a pre-built All-in-One-Services app then keep the following pointers in mind before finalizing your app developer.

Look for a legit white-labeling company that has been in the industry for at least a decade and has been actively launching apps on a daily basis. It is important to do in-depth background research of the app development company before buying their Package because there are many fraudsters in the market who’ll claim to have a ready-made multi-service app and force you to pay 50 percent of the amount in advance even before showing you the demo app. If you are an entrepreneur but lack the technical know-how of this industry, then these sketchy companies would trick you and you’ll end up losing all of your money and hope.

This next pointer is a deal-breaker parameter for you! Never do business with an app development company that charges you for the demo app and also look for video feedback reels of such companies’ clients to see and gauge for yourself how authentic and efficient that company is.

And once you have found a reputed and well-respected white-labeling firm in the market, don’t waste any more time in launching your app which is already kept pre-built for you. When you buy a ready-made clone app, you can launch it within a week’s time! And this 5-6 days’ time is utilized only for rebranding the app with your company’s name and logo.

But brace yourself to invest at least two years of your time and quarter a million dollars if you decide to build this app yourself. 

To design this Gojek Clone App CubeJekX 2021 you’ll first have to hire professionals such as Android Developers, an iOS Developer, a PHP Expert, a Systems Analyst, a DataBase Analyst, a Content Writer, a Quality Assessment Expert, and a Project Manager. It is this highly-skilled team that will build essential components of your app such as User Android App, User iOS App, Service Provider Android App, Service Provider iOS App, Store App, Website, and Admin Panel. You have to pay them salaries on a monthly basis and award them with additional incentives for their superior performances. You’ll also have to incur infrastructural costs of the office space and the software that these professionals will be using. Once the app is created, its user interface has to be tested for months altogether before going in for the six-month beta-testing. It is then followed by intense market testing.


Build your Super App with the best Gojek Clone App maker in the industry – V3Cube. Not only do they offer free demo links that the client can use and test for an indefinite amount of time but also have the impeccable record of launching the app in a record time of four days. V3Cube also provides a free Licensed Source Code for one domain with the purchase of the Package.

Felica Carroll is Digital marketing leader of, An On demand app development company. She has an extensive experience in building successful strategy for app-based industry. She loves to write everything about clone Scripts and mobile application development.

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