Tax Software Hosting: Cloud Solution for Lacerte and ProSeries

Tax Software Hosting: Cloud Solution for Lacerte and ProSeries


With cloud hosting of Lacerte and ProSeries tax software, Tax professionals can access Lacerte and ProSeries tax software from anywhere at any time.

 Lacerte and ProSeries cloud hosting allow tax professionals to access their work with a server-free, low-maintenance model with built-in data security.

Multi User access enables businesses of all sizes to streamline employee teamwork across different locations while still allowing workers to operate remotely without missing a beat.

With no new installations, servers, backups, or maintenance, tax professionals can provide more flexible storage solutions for tax data in their existing ProSeries and Lacerte workflow.

Data will be safe and restored due to automatic backups and software upgrades, and tax professionals will have access to the most up-to-date product. This can ease the pressure of having to deal with these changes with limited firm resources.

Lacerte and ProSeries specialists are available to assist with customized training and customer service to move from desktop to hosted easier.

With security being a top priority for businesses and their customers, Hosting for ProSeries and Lacerte has undergone thorough testing to ensure that the software is safer than existing on-premise desktop solutions. 

Data secure with corporate firewalls, antivirus security, encryption, and off-site data storage. Data is automatically backed up and allows tax professionals to protect better and access their clients’ information.

Let’s see Lacerte and ProSeries cloud hosting in detail.

Lacerte Tax Software Hosting


Lacerate tax software hosting is ideal for CPAs and accountants who work for both business and individual customers. 

This program enables tax professionals to fill out more returns in less time by seamlessly incorporating data into an appealing user interface. It organizes the client list into customizable columns and allows the tax return process simple to understand and use.

Lacerte tax software’s easy workflow can combine with the cloud’s simplicity and high-end technology to enable tax professionals to complete even the most complex returns much quicker than ever.

Hosting Lacerte Tax software enables it to reach its full potential. It allows businesses and individuals that depend on its services to be more competitive and efficient by extending the software’s productive scope.

Features of Lacerte cloud hosting

  • With an always-available network, you can access the powerful Lacerte tax app from anywhere in the world and at any time.
  • Users can use any number of add-ons since the interface is fully customizable.
  • Multiple users can access and edit data and files in real-time while maintaining complete security.
  • IT well-managed services have a variety of advantages, including regular updates, automatic backups, and more.
  • Free technical assistance is available 24/7 by trained and highly qualified technicians.
  • Any digital device with an effective internet connection can use anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Lacerte cloud hosting

1. Flexible accessibility

The ability to access Lacerte Tax applications at any time and from any location is the best and most significant benefit of Lacerte cloud hosting. 

It also means that the software’s services are not restricted to a desktop by offering cross-device compatibility. 

Multiple users can access the software concurrently from any device with internet access, from any location on the globe, at any time.

2. Robust Data Security

Customers that use the Lacerte cloud hosting service benefit from the highest level of cyber data protection available. 

While data on the internet is never completely secure, and cybercrime remains a problem, cloud service providers tend to provide the best of the best data protection. 

They use various redundant data protection mechanisms to ensure intrusion, safety, and other data security concerns. In short, with Lacerte cloud hosting, the data is much safer than it would be otherwise.

3. Integration with other Software

Lacerte Tax software usually needs to be integrated and synced with accounting software like QuickBooks. Lacerte offers seamless integration with QuickBooks, but with hosted Lacerte and QuickBooks, users can enjoy that same effortless integration on any device, which again helps to increase efficiency and productivity. 

It also helps reduce the IT hassles of installing and integrating both the software individually on all systems and devices.  

4.  Error minimization

The Lacerte hosting’s sharing feature reduces the chances of making errors. 

On the hosting models, files can be quickly reviewed and shared, and it also provides real-time instructions to the clients and employees and the assurance that data is still up to date.

5. Cost-saving

 Hosting your Lacerte tax software lowers your IT costs. Since all operate on cloud servers, there’s no need to set up all of the hardware and network, and there’s no need to update the device. You need to log in to a remote system, and you’re ready to go.

6. Add-ons

Lacerte hosting is a multifaceted financial solution because of its add-ons hosting functionality. 

Lacerte add-ons boost the functionality of this popular tax software, from the Lacerte tax analyzer to the Lacerte Document management framework. Hosting enables add-ons to be integrated appropriately with Lacerte tax software, making data import and export a breeze.

7. Time-saving

Lacerte tax software hosting saves time by allowing access from anywhere, at any time, and by supporting multiple users. 

Since there is no need to transfer data back and forth to human resources, things are managed more effectively through shared file sharing. In a nutshell, this method saves time on each tax return.

ProSeries Tax Software Hosting

ProSeries Tax Software Hosting is an all-in-one solution for tax professionals to manage their taxation workloads more efficiently and effectively, particularly if they have a large client base. 

This program simplifies and expedites file returns. When combined with the ease of cloud access, the taxation functionality is almost limitless.

The hosting of ProSeries Tax Software speeds up the processing of tax returns. The tax preparer can access the files from any location with ProSeries hosting. 

The improved teamwork results in increased efficiency and time savings. Tax preparers can now work from anywhere and hire a mobile or outsourced staff, which is cheaper and more convenient when work pressure is heavy. As a result of the ProSeries Tax application hosting, more tax returns prepare less time, resulting in improved efficiency and competitiveness.

Features of ProSeries Cloud Hosting

  • With just an internet connection, universal functionality is available on all devices.
  • ProSeries tax program is accessible from any location and at any time.
  • ProSeries tax data and files can be accessed and edited in real-time by multiple users.
  • Users may use any number of plugins or add-ons since it’s fully customizable.
  • Managed IT services provide several advantages, including regular updates and backups that automatically perform.
  • Technical support is available 24/7.

Benefits of ProSeries Cloud Hosting

1. Error-free tax preparation

The hosting of ProSeries Tax Software enables tax preparers and their clients to work in real-time from any place. As a result, tax preparers can remotely show different aspects of the software and see what changes their clients are making to their files and train them. As a result, the tax preparation process is error-free.

2. Multi User access

Many users can interact simultaneously during the tax preparation process with ProSeries hosting on terminal servers. 

This allows for improved client database management, file import and update, and various state income tax forms and schedules. 

Aside from that, multi user access on a terminal server is safer because the client can set personalized user preferences, access levels for individual users, and local backup and printing options.

Furthermore, users do not need to worry about installation or backup because the approved copy of the ProSeries tax software is installed and run on terminal servers. The service includes guaranteed automatic data backup.

3. Add-ons

ProSeries Tax applications can easily integrate with various ProSeries Add-ons, including ProSeries Documentation, ProSeries forms library, ProSeries Network Solutions, and ProSeries Clients manager. 

The main advantage of hosting tax software alongside add-ons is that since they share a database, importing data with an add-on to ProSeries files is simple. 

The Service Provider also guarantees that the ProSeries Tax software can reach all levels of the Add-ons files. As a result, there is significant time and money savings as various data entry requirements meet. With the enhanced data import capability, add-ons hosting allows multi-state tax planning, uses multiple types, and retains the client base efficiently.

4. Data Security

ProSeries Data is backed up in various locations using the hosting service. This is more reliable than a local backup because the network is constantly monitored for online threats and secure with the most up-to-date firewalls and security software.

5. Save money

You will concentrate on your primary business rather than your local network and computers with ProSeries Tax software hosting. 

There are no costs for fixing up an IT network, handling data security, or keeping expensive IT support staff. All of these services are given to you as a subscription, with monthly fees set. 

Money is saved on IT infrastructure upgrades since ProSeries Tax Software hosting needs the basic device setup to run the application. You may also use the software on a variety of devices and platforms.


Lacerte and ProSeries have reduced the burden on tax preparers with their creation of tax-planning improvements. 

To make a decision, it is essential to determine your choices thoroughly. Alternatively, one should work through the various aspects listed above to find a solution that meets one’s requirements.

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