The Impact of Downtime in a Planer Mill

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Woodworking machines are in great demand these days, primarily due to the increased demand for lumber. Companies are aiming towards achieving the maximum possible efficiency to get the best outcome at the best price. The modernization of forestry machines is also helping in increasing productivity. A Planer milling machine is an excellent device for maximizing productivity and efficiency.

However, many factors can even affect the performance of a machine and the performance of a company overall. Downtime is one such problem, and controlling it comes with well-planned strategies. Downtime refers to the period during which the company cannot use equipment due to one or more than one reason.

This article will discuss the effect of downtime and how it can be reduced to improve performance.

How does Downtime Affect Productivity and How Can it be Reduced?

Modern machines are equipped with intelligent technologies that help track the performance of a device over some time. Overall equipment effectiveness is one such parameter that helps in identifying the losses in the system. The overall equipment effectiveness is the ratio of productive time and the required time for a machine. The up-time is the time responsible for producing the optimal quality of products at the ideal speed. The time required is the duration for which the user runs the machine. The time required is that time that accounts for all the downtimes caused by repairs, parts replacements, or power outages. The downtime can be both planned or unplanned.

The importance of maintaining strict standards for equipment effectiveness is to make profits, satisfy the shareholders and provide quality goods to the customers to gain their trust for the long term. A machine cannot be made to work throughout the day and get the best outcomes. Breaks have to be taken strategically so that the machine can provide high-quality output without getting damaged. A production setup cannot offer a 100 percent outcome, so having more than one machine as a backup is beneficial.

The additional machine can keep on working when the other one is in downtime, ensuring a constant output. These planer-type milling machines are handy for the forestry industry, but one major drawback is their price. These advanced machines are very costly, and small companies cannot afford them. It is beneficial for these companies to buy used planer milling machines at affordable prices. If you are buying used machinery for the first time, then there are many things that you should look out for to get the best deal. We will be discussing those factors in the next section.

Tips for Buying at Used Machinery Auction:

Buying used machinery can be a great way of saving money and getting great value at an affordable price. But many fraud resellers can fool you into buying something that will not be of any use. So, it is advisable to follow these steps to get the best buying experience.

Conduct a Background Check of The Reseller

The integrity of the reseller is something that should be checked first. If the company has a good reputation, then it is advisable to go for that company. If any acquisitions against the company claiming them not to provide the best quality goods, you should go for other resellers.

Have a Proper Understanding of Your Needs

Different types of tasks require different types of tools. Having an appropriate knowledge of the task that your company will do will help you choose the type of machine you will need. This also prevents the seller from puzzling you with the hundred of alternatives that you can get.

Set a Budget

Have a budget fixed in your mind and provide a little bit of flexibility but do not go out of the bracket. This will prevent you from overspending in the auctions and end up with features that you will never use. Used industrial equipment auctions can have products covering a wide variety of prices; having a budget set will help you focus on things that will be beneficial for your company.

Carry Out a Test Run if The Opportunity Rises

If you are attending a physical auction, you should carry out a test run before purchasing any machine. You should check if all the moving parts, the indicator lights, the meters are all running properly. Even if they are not working properly, you will know how much you must invest in getting the machine running. This can greatly influence your purchase.

Ask for Papers

Look out for previous records and papers like warranties. This will provide you with ideas about the parts that have been replaced by the previous owner if those parts were genuine parts or not. Papers also help you identify the parts which have to be replaced in the future. A machine that has been run the least and has the least number of parts replaced is more likely to run for a longer time.

Don’t rush into buying the first machine you come across

The first machine you come across might fit within your budget and your requirements, but it is clever not to settle for that and explore other options. This increases the chance of finding something else with the same features but comes at a lower price.


The efficiency of a machine is very crucial for any business. Many factors can affect the downtime of a machine, so having the best machines can always be a lifesaver. Modern machines have a hefty price tag, so going to machinery auctions is the best way to get the best deals to get a good value for your business.

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