Things To Follow When Making A Super Bowl Betting Grid

Super Bowl Betting Grids

Guys, it’s that time of the year that you play Super Bowl betting grid with your party people. Every year as the BIG game rolls around, many online sportsbooks such as Topdailysportpick create the Super Bowl square contest, which the fans can join and play. Some of these are free, while others are paid contests. 

But those who would be playing for the first time can start with the free one. And even without prior experience, this can be possible and fun. We shall share some tips and preparation needed to play the grids so that no one will feel left behind. 

Find a Super Bowl Template

To play the Super Bowl betting grid, you have to create one manually, download a template from the internet or play online. But as you do that, you have to get a group of people as you can’t play alone. 

When you get the template, you’ll be the one to fill it, starting with the two teams that you’ll place, each horizontally and the other vertically. The most popular is the 10×10 grid which contains 100 boxes. 

After filling the boxes with the participant’s names, you’ll now assign numbers 0-9 to each square. But it’s best to do this randomly to be fair to everyone. 

Finding a football pool template will save you from creating a detailed grid right from scratch. And you don’t get interrupted by having fun with your friends at the party. The templates you’ll find are customizable and user-friendly, and you’ll just put your data and get started. 

Since everyone knows the teams participating in the big game, most of these will come with the team’s name, and you even keep track of various bits for the pool party. 

Sell the Super Bowl Boxes

Depending on your Super Bowl pool stake, you’ll decide the price for each square. Then sell these to your group of participants. There is no limit for the squares that a player can buy, increasing your chance of winning. But please don’t buy every single box as you might break even. One popular pricing policy is $1 per square, but you can increase it depending on your participants. 

Fill the Grid

Ensure you have the team’s names written on top and the left side of the score sheet. As you’ve already sold the squares, all participants must put their names on them, as they pick several boxes they want. It’s crucial to understand that the game cannot start until this step is complete. 

Assign Numbers

Now that you have participants, you’ll write their names on the boxes after purchasing the grids. And you’ll assign them the numbers that start from 0-100 for the 10×10 Super Bowl betting grid. But you’ll place the numbers randomly to avoid being unfair to any player. You’ll create ten bits of paper, and then you’ll write numbers 0-9, roll them and place them into a bowl. Then have each person pick them and fill the template grids with these random numbers.

Plan the Payout

Like most people, don’t mistake selling the squares to participants before discussing how you’ll split up the prize pool cash. People need to know what to expect if they win. For example, you can award the winners of each quarter 25% of the prize pool. And maybe, you can offer a little more for after the end of the half-time, and a significant amount for the winner at the end of the game. 

Most people forget to account for the overtime score, but it’s crucial to consider and discuss it. For example, some will substitute the overtime score for the last quarter, others will divide the prize pool by 20%, and others will ignore the overtime score. It will give your players confidence when all these are clear. 

How Do You Know the Winner?

Each player has a box corresponding to two numbers—one matching the column and the other the row, the participant with the last digit of each team’s score matching those two numbers wins. For example, let’s assume the final score is 21-14. The person with a box with 1 and 4, the last digit of the winning teams, becomes the winner.

Super Bowl-winning Numbers? 

Historically, there have been 212 total winning number combinations in the Super Bowl, a small sample size. For example, in Super Bowl 53 between the Patriots and Rams, the winning number combos were 0-3, 3-0, 3-3, and 3-3.

And the best combinations numbers in super bowl history have been: 

0-0(17 times)

0-3 (11 times)

0-7 (10 times)

7-0 (10 times). 

Can You Bet Other Things?

Consider a sportsbook that allows you to bet on other things such as Super Bowl MVP and other things to keep the game interesting. For example, players may want to bet on who will score the most points or fumbles.

It’s prudent to keep things friendly by using smaller pools for these things. Otherwise, you may end up running an illegal betting ring.

After setting this Super Bowl betting grid pool, the guests can now vote on MVP, how many outfits celebrities like Lady Gaga will change before the end of the game, etc. After the end of the big game, whoever guessed right takes the pot home. But what happens If nobody wins? Then everyone gets the money that they had placed to bet.


Shake up your Super Bowl game by setting up a betting pool. And as long as you consider the above things, you can participate in the Super Bowl betting grid even with no experience. It’s pretty easy and full of fun. While many rely on the element of luck, it also pays to strategize. 

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