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The market of video streaming platform is ever-expanding and shows an upward trend when it comes to registering growth and a solid economic valuation. According to several studies, it is fast proving to be a lucrative business model valued at USD 50.11 billion in 2020 and expected to grow at a rate (CAGR) of 21.0% from 2021 to 2028, as suggested by a Market Analysis report by Grand View Research.

Videos have been gaining significant attraction in content marketing. On top of it, live streaming forms a major part of the overall surge in the business. Plus, the increasing use of cloud-based processes to widen the spread of video content is helping the market growth in a positive manner.

It is possible for broadcasters to monetize content through direct sales using video to market products, share and promote events, etc. and versatile on-site payment functionality by integrating a gateway.

How to create a video streaming website?

A streaming service is an online site or an app that provides options for watching movies, shows, or events of the viewer’s choice. It gives access to stream-on-demand content managed by administrators who can also upload or delete videos, add new features and also make the required changes and upgrades.

To begin with, you need to connect with an app development company. But before that, it is important to figure out a few things like back-end architecture, video streaming protocols, network connectivity, and security issues. These are some of the key pointers one can follow:

  1. Identify your USP and craft your niche: Be thorough with your market research and single out a Unique Selling Proposition that you think can make your project work. Proper pitching and positioning in the market is a valuable key to building your video streaming site. Choose a service name and domain and pick a specialization. Try and build on the unexplored segments and collect data from your potential users to know the scope of your solutions.
  2. Create a business plan:  Apply a suitable business model to structure all elements, allocate resources and strengthen your proposition in order to effectively create your streaming website. 
  3. This also comes with preparing for a new market depending on the location and the kind of licensing it requires. For the launch in multiple markets, you might need the content translated into multiple languages.             

3. Figure out the cost: Software Development companies calculate the cost of services based on the hours the team spends providing them. The stages of development of the streaming site determine the cost which is allotted to product management, Designer, Frontend and backend developers, and other specialists.

4. Design the structure: While building a streaming site, it is important to understand how a streaming website can be put in place. Hire a credible software development firm to execute the technical operations such as tech stack, a user-friendly interface, following the video protocol, and setting up a server.

5.License your content:  Register your video streaming business legally by seeking professional help.  License the content or its creation based on the service that will be broadcast.

6. Partner with content creators: Get in touch with content creators and negotiate the terms with them. You can also buy exclusive rights for some content like films or series which reserves its feature with your company only. Such an approach also helps you firm your user base.

7. Decide on monetization and revenues: Understand which method brings your streaming service the best revenue- Subscription, Ad-placements, Ad-Blocking. Some free content can help in widening reach while pay-per-view can be initiated for exclusive content.

Features that help build a successful streaming website

No matter how innovative or unique your idea, here are some tips that help build a successful streaming website.

  • Authentication or Sign Up: This lets users choose the registration option that suits them the best. Besides personal data or information, social networks can be used to authenticate.
  • Notify broadcast: Users should be able to start and finish broadcasting. For live streaming, comment facilities on the broadcast and a real-time chat function makes it more engaging.
  • Magnify search: Users should be able to search videos by categories, streamers, etc. An algorithm-driven recommendation list helps in specifying the search.

Building a video streaming website requires the right research and a proper look at the market trends. Besides OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime which boast 200 million users in the US, there is a crop of other streaming apps which are emerging as on-demand, subscription-based solutions.

Market Overview

A huge portion of the statistics suggests that these streaming services are a go-to for millennials on a daily basis consumption which unleashes huge scope for this industry Video streaming solutions are scaling new heights of technological innovations.

Invest in a unique model or adapt a business strategy from a successful service to set an example.  Take into account industry-specific requirements for ease in the launch and a steady rate of progress. Targeting multiple platforms may appear complex but with the right strategy and guidance in place, it is possible to chart the path for a profitable business model.

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