Tips for Commercial Property Maintenance to Make Your Job Easier

Commercial Property Maintenance

Commercial property maintenance can quickly become overwhelming, whether you manage a small retail space or a large office complex. The combination of daily tasks, tenant requests, and large improvement projects is difficult to manage and can be mentally and physically exhausting. There must be a simpler way.

With a little planning, you can take control of your week. Use these suggestions to make your job easier and to better maintain the properties in your portfolio.

  1. Begin the Day with a Premises Walk:-

Start your day by taking a walk around the building or campus that you manage. Examine the area for any fallen signs or broken tree branches. Examine the landscaping to see if anything needs to be changed. You can also inspect the interior of the complex for leaks, broken lights, or signs of pests, if applicable. As you prioritize your work for the day, this morning walk can help you catch problems early.

  • Schedule Regular Maintenance Reminders:-

Certain projects must be completed at least once a year, if not more frequently. Pruning shrubs and trees, cleaning gutters, and servicing HVAC systems are all necessary. If you can keep on top of these projects, you won’t feel as if they came out of nowhere.

  • Large Projects Should Be Planned:-

List the major projects you will tackle at the start of the year or early spring, in addition to your regular commercial property maintenance. This is most likely dependent on management approval, but you can provide insight into the best time to begin the work.

  • Make Provisions for Unexpected Service Requests:-

You and your tenants can’t predict when a problem will arise, and you don’t know when emergencies will occur; all you know is that they will at some point. You can only be prepared. If you already have a full calendar, an unexpected request or emergency will throw you off completely. Set aside time each week for unexpected emergency commercial property maintenance requests to be prepared. This planning will assist you in prioritizing major issues while remaining on track with your work. If there are no calls, you can use that time to work on evergreen projects that require your attention.

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