Tips on How to Fulfill the High Demand for Food Delivery in Your Restaurant

In the post-pandemic world, restaurant businesses from all over the world are witnessing a heavy change in their customer behavior. Customers are now preferring to enjoy their favorite food delivery from the comfort of their homes. Several other reasons triggered this change in customer behavior as well.

Maybe you had a long busy day at the office and have no energy left to cook. Or, you just want to enjoy a great meal but do not want to put in the rigorous effort. So, you let someone do the heavy lifting and deliver it to your doorstep. 

Food delivery is also a great way to increase sales and revenue in your restaurant. Platforms such as Zomato, Swiggy are taking this online food delivery concept to a whole new level. 

But poorly executed food delivery service can damage both your restaurant name and footfall in your restaurant. You have to embrace the new technologies that your customers are adopting. Here, in this article, I am going to share with you some tips that will help you fulfill high-demand food delivery in your restaurant effectively. You can engage with the best chef recruitment to provide quality food to your customers.

Tips to Fulfill the High Demand for Food Delivery

Follow these tips properly to make sure you are ahead of your competition.

Use new technologies to accept orders:

Implement these technologies to provide flawless online food delivery service in your restaurant.

  • Online order placing: Ordering food online using the latest technologies and applications has revolutionized the whole food delivery concept. Foodservice providers like Swiggy, Zomato, and Foodpanda are the most popular among customers. You can use these platforms to provide home delivery for your restaurant. Or, you can build a food delivery application and website to accept orders online. 

You have to ensure that your website is well SEO-optimized and your app provides a good user experience and easy navigation.

  • Cloud Telephony: Many restaurants accept the majority of their orders over the telephone. So, there are high chances of missing orders which badly impacts your customer service. Some of your restaurants can go busy as well. With traditional telephone booking, there are chances of orders going unattended.

With cloud telephony, you can avoid such embarrassing situations. It helps you add multiple numbers. If one number of your restaurant is busy, the call automatically gets transferred to the next number. The process will continue until the call is answered. Thus you will never miss out on any order.

Clear communication:

Having clear communication with the customer is very important. Phone call ordering is still prevalent unless your restaurant staff is writing down incorrect orders or the customer is unable to explain his order properly. To make sure these situations do not arise very often, train your staff properly. 

You also need to take care of providing clear ordering options to your customers. So that they properly understand and place their orders.

Create strategic menu:

Create a precise and easy-to-read online menu card for your restaurant. This menu card can be present anywhere, on your website or various food delivery platforms. Contact the best chef recruitment to hire the best chefs for your online restaurant. Ask them what are the best dishes they can offer to your customers, and then create a crisp online menu accordingly. Select the best dishes that can avail a large profit margin and highlight them on the menu.

Having a stellar landing page is very crucial to compel your customers to press the Order Now Button. Make sure you create a stellar strategic menu.

Provide better service:

Providing excellent service and amazing customer experience is now not limited to your offline outlet anymore. You can also extend it to your online orders. Here are some measures you can consider for a better online food delivery service.

  • Make sure you deliver the food you are delivering is hot. Hot food makes your customers believe that it was freshly prepared. If it is not hot, your customers are more likely to believe that it can be stale. It will negatively impact your customer experience. Contact the best chef recruitment to hire chefs who can quickly prepare good quality foods.
  • Provide insulated food bags to the delivery boys.
  • Let the customer track your journey so they can expect the delivery time.
  • Take care of necessary add ons like napkins, chili flakes, etc

Outsource Delivery service:

Outsourcing to third-party organizations like Zomato or Swiggy to manage food delivery in your restaurant can be a cost-effective solution. It can help you reduce delivery time during heavy hours. You can also outsource freelancer delivery boys according to your requirement.

This process is immensely helpful to reduce delivery costs. If you haven’t outsourced to any delivery agencies yet, make sure you do.

Improve packaging:

Packaging is very crucial for providing quality food delivery services. It can make or break your restaurant’s reputation and sales. You have to make sure that your food is well packed and with no spoilage. 

In case you want to increase your brand awareness, then print your restaurant’s logo and theme on the packaging. You can improve sales and fulfill high demand in your restaurant.

Utilize the space well:

After witnessing the change in the behavior of their customers, many restaurants are reducing their outlet space and focusing on expanding kitchens to increase the level of production to accommodate the flow of the orders.

Many restaurants are building separate food preparation areas to match the high demand for food delivery. As the majority of your customers are ordering online, you no longer need to keep large dining spaces. You can use the space for preparing food quickly and delivering the order in time. Focus on the best chef recruitment who can prepare food quickly.

Conclusion: There are only two stages that take the maximum time in online food delivery. One is the preparation time of the food and the other is the time taken for delivering the order. Contact the best chef recruitment to hire chefs who can prepare dishes quickly without compromising the quality. And outsource to different food delivery agencies to make food efficient and cost-effective delivery for your restaurant. Thus you can fulfill the high demand for food delivery in your restaurant.

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