Tips To Play and Win Dragon Tiger

Dragon tiger

Dragon Tiger

It is a single-player game, it’s designed as a fast-paced game with few rules, and it’s very simple to play. Dragon Tiger is the main attraction for high stakes but even for people who want low risk, this game is enjoyable.

Which card would be the higher card and you have to bet if that is Dragon or Tiger, it is simple. There are two more options available, the Suited bet and the Tie bet. In front of the dealer, there will be two labeled options on the name Dragon and Tiger.

On the right-hand side, there will be a deck of cards and on the left-hand side, there will be a pile of used cards. In Dragon Tiger online Betting options can vary with the version of the game you play, but there is four main betting options Dragon, Tiger, Suited, and Tie.


There are no joker cards, no wild cards in this game, so this game is as simple as it can be, easy to play the game. To win the bet all you have to do is to bet on the higher one and you will win for sure.

All the cards in Dragon Tiger have their numerical values. King is the highest card; aces are the lowest cards and 1-to-10 have their face values.

The dealer will turn the cards face up after you are done placing your bets. Dragon card will be dealt 1st and then the Tiger’s Card and whichever of them ends up with a higher number will win the bet.

Tips to win Dragon Tiger

Place Your bet on Dragon or Tiger:

As we know that both Dragon and Tiger have a 50% of the chances to win the bet, so it’s reasonable to say that you should place your bets on either Dragon or tiger and there will be bonuses as well. If you get a tie, you will get the half amount back and the house will get the lowest edge.

Don’t Bet on a Tie:

In Dragon Tiger do not bet on a tie even though betting on a tie looks profitable but, in this scenario, there is the highest house edge and you will be at a disadvantage. Your winning probability is less if you bet on a Tie.

Keep track of Cards:

If you can keep track of the cards and you are good at it, you can certainly get an edge on other players, you should keep track of 7s and 8s as they are the losing cards, you should know how many of them are dealt to make an informative decision.

Manage the Bankroll:

In Dragon Tiger, if you want to bankroll to last for more bets, you should start with smaller bets instead of risking all the bankroll. A good way to fix this problem is to use fix amount for every bet, this way your bets will be consistent and you can keep track of things.

Understand The Game

You should go with a strategy instead of rushing into the game. In Dragon Tiger, you should keep notes of your decisions and analyze them to make your strategy work better and you will win more than lose.

A Casino with Reputation:

If you want to play and have a great experience with this game, you should choose a casino with a good reputation like Satsport247. Don’t go on wasting your money on random casinos. This website has a popular casino among Indian punters and it’s regulated by Betfair.


Summing up the Dragon Tiger, in the easy way possible is, to bet on Either Dragon or a tiger, do not bet on the tie you will be at a disadvantage with the highest house edge. This is the easiest game to play with few rules.

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