Top Ranked Educational Institutions in Australia for Indian Students

There are a lot of students who ask us if a certain educational institution is good for an Indian student or not. As an education & migration consultant, we always suggest the college/university based on factors like the student’s educational background, a program to be chosen, future goals and most importantly financial capacity.

There are a lot of institutions that may be providing the course student wishes to enrol in, but the pricing may vary. In such a case, students generally take up the provider that is most affordable.

We have been in business for over a decade now and have been through a lot of scenarios. One of the major factors that students generally ignore unknowingly is the job prospects after completion of the program. They generally go with the suggestions of their friends or relatives or the educational consultant at most. Nevertheless, job prospects carry a lot of weightage and this is what students are there for!

Though there are a number of educational providers across Australia, but it is the students who have to make up their mind based on the area they wish to live in, a program they wish to choose and the jobs available. For example, most of the students who have taken up education in the Tasmania region have reported lesser availability of part-time jobs that help them sustain their daily expenses. On the contrary, opportunities are ample in Sydney but it turns out to be very expensive on the pocket – both in terms of living and education. Therefore, one has to choose accordingly.

Another important factor when looking for the best educational institutions in Australia is the peer group. You got to have your people around; they act as support at every front – be it communication, sharing or assistance with anything. Being at a place where you already have a good number of Indians would certainly keep you boosted. It wouldn’t let you feel lonely, at least.

Top 10 Universities of Australia

So, here are some of the top universities of Australia that are considered to be best for Indian students – based on the factors like availability of peer group, quality of education and most importantly better prospects for jobs at Australian businesses.

1. University of Sydney

2. University of Technology Sydney

3. Macquarie University

4. University of Adelaide

5. University of Canberra

6. Central Queensland University

7. Charles Sturt University

8. Charles Darwin University

9. Deakin University

10. Southern Cross University

Students from the aforementioned universities have better prospects for jobs at Australian businesses.

In case you are which university will prove to be the best for you, please get in touch with one of our education counsellors; they’ll help you shortlist the provider based on your educational background, future goals, interest, job prospects and budget.

We can also provide you with tips and tricks that can help you minimize your expense while you live in Australia. Our counsellors will give you a clear-cut view of the expenses you may incur while in Australia; certainly, it will depend on the area and education provider you choose.

Get in touch with us to know more about the best educational institutions in Australia for Indian students.

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