What is Shared Hosting: A Detailed Guide

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Shared web hosting is among the most economical solution helpful in increasing the number of websites for a user. Majorly small businesses, blog owners, and new websites consider it as an ideal solution for their platform. Well, I do consider it and started my blog over the same.

But everything comes up with some pros and cons. Likewise, here I am sharing a detailed review of shared hosting. Keep reading till the last to know about it in detail!

What is shared hosting?

In shared hosting, multiple websites are available on a single server. One can conclude it like the way that on a single server, multiple websites are hosted. The websites on the same server share resources and every website have a limited amount of total server resources available. The total server resources available can be defined by the hosting plan.

For all the small businesses looking forward to creating an online presence, shared hosting comes in an economical way. According to the requirement of the customer, the website hosting provider offers the plan option, and they can choose accordingly.

How does shared hosting work?

The working of shared hosting is the same as space is divided for different individuals. A server is partitioned in order to host multiple accounts for different customers. A customer will be able to manage separate websites database and emails. But the server resources and costs are shared by all.

In general, one can take the example of an apartment where people are sharing resources with each other, including electricity, common areas, and so on. The splitting of costs makes it an economical option for all.

Benefits of choosing shared hosting:

The major benefits of choosing shared hosting are as follows:

  • It is a cost-effective solution, and people will be able to get the benefits by paying very less amount. There will be no need for them to purchase additional resources in order to make their website work.
  • No technical maintenance is required by a business person. A skilled professional will look into the matter and deal with the technical maintenance of the server. People just need to focus on improving the content they are providing over the portal.
  • Multiple shared hosting plans are available for people around. From basic to advance, multiple plans are available, and people can choose among them.

For what kind of websites is shared hosting suitable?

Shared hosting is a suitable option for running small to medium size websites. It is totally on the user whether they are creating small blogs or dealing with full-fledged dynamic websites for the companies.

Shared hosting is in consideration because it offers flexibility to all the customers to take their business online.

The limitation with shared hosting:

Although, shared hosting is an economical way to host the website. But if the website has more traffic than the threshold limit, the performance of the website gets affected.

Which hosting provider should you choose?

After going through all these details, you might be wondering which hosting provider should you choose. Well, I personally recommend PD HOSTING for the same.

They are the best website hosting provider you can approach. They come up with really very affordable plans, and you can choose as per your business.

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