What is the Difference Between EDR Solutions and Antivirus?

EDR Solutions vs Antivirus

Antivirus software is a great way to keep your data safe, but it’s not foolproof. An EDR solution uses artificial intelligence to detect and stop zero-day threats.

EDR software relies primarily on behavioral analysis of what’s happening on the endpoint

EDR software relies on behavioral analysis of what’s happening on an endpoint to detect malicious activity. This technology can give organizations a comprehensive network view by analyzing billions of events. This data is contextualized and provides valuable information for analyst teams.

A good EDR solution should have reports that are easy to understand. It should also be cloud-native, allowing remote management and faster threat intelligence. Finally, an EDR solution should be scalable and fast.

An EDR solution can be overwhelming. A simple solution containing a list of behaviors or actions may produce many false positives. A good EDR solution should be able to analyze this data and break it down into specific attack frameworks. The Better your system detects an attack, the fewer false positives you’ll experience.

AI-enhanced EDR helps identify as-yet-unknown (“zero-day”) threats

EDR solutions can protect an organization against as-yet-unknown (“zero-day”) threats by analyzing endpoint data. These solutions install agents on endpoint devices to monitor and log activities, relaying this data to a central hub for processing. These agents should not be resource-intensive or slow down the device. Afterward, the EDR solutions use the data collected to develop threat insights. The more advanced EDR solutions incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence to correlate endpoint data from multiple devices. They may also use a threat database and benchmark suspicious activity against white-listed traffic.

An EDR tool should prioritize alerts based on the severity of the threat. In addition, some EDR solutions integrate with other security tools and provide playbooks for users to follow.

It’s faster

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions are a great way to protect your network and system from malware. These solutions monitor network activity and identify threats in real-time. They can also contain and remediate threats. EDR solutions differ from antivirus in some ways, but there are similarities. While antivirus targets malware once it has been introduced, EDR detects threats before they have time to multiply.

EDR solutions are more effective than antivirus software. However, the cost to remediate a breach can run into thousands of dollars. That’s why EDR solutions can be an affordable option.

It’s more proactive

EDR solutions are the next generation of cybersecurity software that monitors and responds to threats. They include features such as behavior analysis and rule-based automated response. They can detect and contain malware.

These solutions monitor endpoints to detect modern threats and prevent the spread of malicious software. They can work alone or with antivirus to protect endpoints from cyberattacks. Moreover, cloud-based EDR operations can offer significant computational power and scalability.

It’s integrated with other security tools

Many EDR solutions are integrated with other security tools to enhance their detection capabilities. As a result, they can help IT security teams investigate past breaches and discover new threats. They can also help them hunt for malware and exploits within their systems. Because of their advanced capabilities, EDR solutions are well-suited for large networks.

Some EDR solutions are integrated with other security tools, such as antivirus and antimalware software. These integrations allow EDR solutions to trigger automated threat responses automatically. For example, they can alert a third-party antimalware program to remove malware that has been detected.

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