What is Tyre-Fitting, And Why is it Important?


Tyres are not solely responsible for carrying the load and acceleration of the vehicle. They are also responsible for the performance of a vehicle. No matter how luxurious your car is, it is nothing without great tyres. A good tyre offers better stability for acceleration, braking and cornering. Which in turn offers better car performance. That is why your tyres need proper fitting.

A tyre-fitting service is a very popular way to get your tyres fitted easily anywhere you want without hassle. Tyre fitting Birmingham is a swift service that replaces your tyre and your convenience. Regardless of the time, a tyre-fitting service will come to you. Now you don’t have to worry when you are stuck in the middle of the road with a flat tyre. Now to get the most out of this service, you must know when is the right time to replace your tyres.

Know when to replace your tyre

Tyres act as the human body when they are sick. They start to send you signals when something is wrong with them. Unlike the human body, tyres have the luxury to retire and get replaced. We suggest you take your tyres to an auto shop for a routine check-up to avoid any unfortunate events. Now it is up to you whether you take them for a check-up on time or wait for further damage. 

Punctured or a flat tyre

Nowadays, roads are infected with irregularities and debris. A slight bump on Road can put pressure on the tyre, leading to a puncture. Even materials as small as a twig or nail can lead to a puncture. Most punctures are repairable, but a flat tyre needs replacement. If you hit a curb or something first thing you should do is look for the puncture in your tyre. 

Damaged tyre

Small twigs and nails can put a scratch on the sidewalls of the tyre. This can lead to a blowout in future. So always keep a check for cracks on sidewalls. In addition to that, look for bruises on your tyres. This means you need to replace your tyre in time. 

Worn out tread

Treads are important for a tyre as they are offer traction on the road. Treads might get damaged if the tread depth below 1.6mm is very dangerous. It can lead to a hazardous accident. So you should get your tyres replaced if the tread depth is near 1.6mm. You can choose from a wide range of Tyres Birmingham.

Uneven tread wear

We know that tread eventually wear out. But uneven tread wear is because of the uneven air pressure in the tyre. Uneven air pressure can be because of the unlying issues with your tyre, such as leakage in the tyre or a puncture. 


One can extend the life expectancy of a tyre by proper maintenance. But you can not use a tyre for life long. The tyres need retirement as soon as their age comes to an end. The manufacturers mention the manufacturing date of the tyre on the sidewall. For instance, 77/16 mean the tyre was manufactured in the 77th week of 2016 year. 

Benefits of a tyre fitting


Stuck in the middle of the road? Don’t know how to fit a tyre? Well, a tyre-fitting service is a convenient way to get your tyre fixed. Our service reaches you 24/7 to make your life a little easier. 

Better mileage

A healthy tyre means better mileage. Tyre carries the weight of the entire vehicle. With correct air pressure, a tyre runs smoothly without putting any stress on the engine or other components of a vehicle. Besides that, it offers better mileage to your vehicle.


Tyre fitting is an affordable and swift service. In addition to that, leaving your vehicle unattended can lead to much more damage. You will end up spending more money than usual. Tyre fitting services are cost-effective and lessen your burden.


A tyre needs to be fitting properly and timely replaced. A safe tyre means a safe drive for you. In emergencies, a tyre fitting service can always help you reach your destination.

Emergency service

Running late for a meeting or an appointment? Too busy to take your car to an auto repair shop. Auto fitting service is here to save you the trouble. We understand how important a vehicle is nowadays. It is our mode to travel from one place to another in the minimum time possible. A flat tyre can interrupt your busy schedule. At times like this, we are here to rescue you.

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