What Should You Know About Blowouts and Punctures Tyres Darlington?

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Your tyres run on the road surfaces and they do not have to run always in favourable conditions. They have a lot of problems to face like punctures, blowouts, tread wear, faulty valves, damaged bead and rim etc for Tyres Darlington.

However, tyre manufacturers try to make durable and strong Bridgestone Tyres Darlington but your tyres face damage when things go beyond their limit.

In this blog, we will talk about two common problems faced by tyres. These issues are blowouts and punctures.

Have a look one by one!

Blowouts in tyres

You must have seen a tyre exploding on the road. This incident is called a blowout and it is indeed a dangerous situation for a car driver.

According to experts, blowouts not only occur due to excessive air pressure. It is quite possible to experience a blowout due to a low inflation level as well. Low air pressure in tyres increases the contact area. As a result, a great amount of heat and friction is generated to weaken the body of the tyres. 

Apart from improper inflation, the following reasons also may cause a serious blowout on roads:

Potholes on roads:

Potholes and other hard objects may cause blowouts when the body of your tyres hits them. Impact damages are enough to damage the internal structure of your tyres to make them violently explode.


Overloading is also a reason for blowouts. Your tyres have a certain level of capacity to carry the load. They will experience extra pressure if the loading limit exceeds. Tyre blowout may happen due to this extra pressure on tyres as well. To determine the correct loading capacity, you may look at your user manual.

What to do when a blowout takes place?

First of all, do not lose your confidence and try to stay relaxed when your vehicle experiences a blowout. Hold the steering wheel firmly and try to keep the vehicle stable.

Do not try to use your brakes hardly since it will increase the pressure on your vehicle. If you have to use your brake, press the brake pedal gently. Besides it, try to maintain a controlled speed level as well. 

Preventive steps for blowouts

First of all, you have to keep the air pressure at the optimum level to avoid blowouts. Check the air pressure periodically to ensure correct air pressure. Do not check the air pressure when your tyres are heated because they would not provide the correct reading due to extra heat.

Inspect your tyres regularly and try to ensure high-grade maintenance. Do not ignore cuts, cracks and bulges on your tyres since these things are indeed danger signals of danger in the future.

Use always branded tyres since they have more strength to bear the heat, friction, and other stressful driving conditions.

Always drive with optimum tread depth since tread is one of the most components of your tyres.

Leave habits of driving your car at high speed and overloading. Both high speed and overloading are not favourable for your tyres.

Punctures in tyres

Punctures are extremely common in tyres. An iron nail or piece of glass may damage the air-filled tube of your tyres at any time. You will see the visible result of a puncture in the form of a completely flat tyre.

You have to repair the punctured area to make your tyres able again to hold the air pressure.

Apart from iron nails and pieces of glass, any sharp and cornered objects like screws, sharp rocks, and kerbs can cause punctures.

Sometimes, your tyres are deflated slowly due to a slow puncture. It is not easy to detect slow punctures and you need the help of a professional to solve the issue.

How to deal with punctures?

It is simple to change the deflated tyres with a spare. So, you can do it easily if you have a toolbox and a spare tyre with you. Tyre repair kits are also available in the market. 

Preventive steps for punctures are mostly not easy since a sharp object may pierce your Car Tyres Darlington at any place. However, it is better if you try to avoid these objects on the roads.

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