Why do businesses need API Testing Services?

Why do businesses need API Testing Services - QASource

With the numerous software and mobile applications available, only the best-performing ones will take the lead. Meanwhile. businesses need to develop high-performance apps to provide a great user experience. The demand for apps with exorbitant features using interconnected features is also increasing with the evolution of technology. Businesses are developing more convenient apps to provide seamless service to customers. Most importantly, to deliver a great customer experience, businesses have to implement API testing services.

What is API Testing?

Any application has three layers:

  • Application programming interface (API) layer 
  • Data layer
  • User interface (UI) layer

API contains the critical business logic and allows font-end users to interact with the back-end. To clarify, it is responsible for the proper functioning of the software. API testing checks the reliability, performance, functionality, and security of the API layers.

Following are the types that come under API testing:

  • Functional testing
  • UI testing
  • Load testing
  • Contract testing
  • Runtime/Error detection testing
  • Security testing
  • Penetration testing
  • Fuzz testing
  • WS compliance testing

Benefits of API Testing Services for Businesses

The structure of applications’ is becoming more complex with the advancements in technology. For instance, the complex applications have five complexity layers:

  • Integration
  • Environment
  • Institution
  • Intention
  • Information

Businesses are adopting modern architecture like mobile and cloud services. There exist large composite systems at the back-end of such simple-looking applications. As an instance, the complex architecture works on specific protocols like JSON, XML, REST, SOAP, and much more. Similarly, businesses must validate their application or software product for underlying layers. These layers require effective API testing to ensure the proper functioning of APIs.

Let us take a look at how API testing services can benefit businesses:

Easy to Detect Defects

Firstly, API testing allows QA experts to access applications without interacting with the UI. Secondly, testing engineers can test the app faster and detect bugs easily in the software development lifecycle.

Save Cost and Time

API testing takes less time as compared to graphic user interface (GUI) testing. Therefore, businesses can save a lot of cost and time in the long run with API testing.

Better Test Coverage

Firstly, API tests have broader scope compared to unit tests. Secondly, unit testing focuses on the functionality of the components of a single application. Thirdly, it analyzes the functionality of all the system components. In addition, it enhances overall software quality and helps businesses in delivering a seamless user experience.

App Performance Improvement

API tests analyze and help in removing performance-related bottlenecks present in the application’s API. Businesses can ensure that their product performs smoothly under any circumstance like varying bandwidth, user load, network. 

Utilizing API Testing Data for GUI Testing

Data generated from API testing is useful for GUI testing also. Unlike previous software development practices, developers now develop apps by writing APIs first. Moreover, when APIs are ready and tested properly, the designing of UI is done around them.

Protect APIs From Code Breakage

Businesses can protect their APIs from all vulnerabilities with API testing. As result, they can push their application product to its limits and make sure there’s no code breakage.


API testing exchanges data via XML or JSON and comprises HTTP requests and responses. Both of the transfer modes are language-independent. Consequently, testing engineers can automate API testing in any language or test API using any language.

Improve Product Security

API testing detects any security loopholes or vulnerabilities that the application might have. However, it helps in improving application security. Various security checks include:

  • Security testing
  • Fuzz testing
  • Compliance testing
  • Penetration testing and much more

GUI Independent

API testing analyzes the business logic. QA engineers can run this test even if the front-end is not ready. For example, API tests are not dependent on the GUI of the app, QA engineers can test the app faster and easier.

Code Change Does Not Affect API

Most importantly, the regression testing methods during API testing ensure that recent changes made in the code do not break or affect the existing APIs.


To sum up, there’s a lot of competition in the software and app development industry these days. That is to say, apps have become more complex with the addition of multiple layers. Therefore, API testing is important to validate those business layers to ensure the seamless working of the product. QASource offers customized and integrated automated API testing services to help businesses deliver fully functional apps for their customers. To know more about API testing, contact QASource now.

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