Why do doctors tell us to cough by holding our balls?

Why do doctors tell us to cough by holding our balls: When we go to some lab or to some professional technicians to get our full body checkup done. So inside full-body we have to do many checkups and tests. But our body also has some private parts. Which you are shy about getting checked by doctors, but diseases are present in our private places too. That’s why doctors check them. A doctor uses the fingers of his hand to examine your groin and the area around the testicle area. The doctors ask you to cough while pressing on your testicles and that place. Because sometimes it happens that there is a bulge in the hernia. Which comes up only when a person coughs. So doctors can detect it. If you have the problem of hernia. So you can always be cured by getting your surgery done.

Why do I need blood work every year?

Just like we need a full body checkup. Similarly, we also need the work of blood tests. Because the way doctors ask you to do a full body checkup every year. Similarly, the doctor will usually advise you on the same. That you must do your blood test once a year because at what time do we get our annual health checkup done. Also we should get all our blood work done. But you can do it only 2 to 3 times a year. But many times it happens. That we may have to get blood tests done more often in compulsion. That is not a problem

Which test should we do every year?

We should have routine blood tests every year

We have to keep trying to keep ourselves healthy. And whenever there is any problem and health, then we should immediately go to the doctors for checkup and treatment. Blood test is the best and special test among all the tests. By which we get to make sure how much work our body is doing. And whatever is the problem inside our body. It shows us all as it should be. Blood test helps us and doctors to diagnose diseases and check the conditions of the body.

Is full body checkup better than blood test?

Well, both the test and checkup are different. That’s why we can say that both are right and better than each other. Because we need both checkup and test to stay healthy. Why these two work in different ways in our body. Which is very important for you. Everyone knows the blood test today. This test is so normal and common that it can be saved. And this test does not take any more time, but the full body checkup is different from this. In this, we check our body that the part which is inside our body. Are they working properly or not. And in this checkup, we have to get 65 checkups and tests done. Which completes the full body checkup. That’s why we can say that both test and checkup are correct and beneficial in comparison to each other.


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