Why Do iPhone Repair in Vancouver Seem Expensive to People?

iPhone Repair

iPhones are costly to purchase, in contrast to Android phones. These smartphones are somewhat superior to Android phones. Thus, you can expect to pay more in Vancouver to own iPhones. The newest iPhone models are even expensive than the previous models because of their enhanced functionality and features. Breaking iPhones is what iPhone users dislike the most because iPhone repair in Vancouver is expensive than Android phone repairs. Besides, Apple repairs without the warranty are costly than third-party repairs to fix an iPhone damage. You may prefer replacing your iPhone rather than availing of Apple repairs for the preceding reason. Now, let us tell you the reasons behind the high cost of iPhone repairs:

iPhones Have Expensive Components:

The prices of iPhones are increasing with time because iPhone users expect more from Apple. Thus, the new iPhones feature expensive parts to offer iPhone users better functionality than the previous iPhone models. Some of the advanced iPhones also resist water damage to some extent and also notify you about the damage. Authentic cell phone repair technicians alongside Apple Store technicians have to deploy genuine parts to repair iPhones. Those parts are costly for third-party iPhone repair technicians to acquire; therefore, they charge more to repair iPhones.

iPhones Have Complex Circuitry:

iPhones have complex circuitry in comparison to Android phones. You don’t see as many iPhone repair technicians in Vancouver for the same reason. Moreover, new iPhone models also include new components that many phone repair technicians are unfamiliar with. Therefore, expert iPhone repair technicians conduct iPhone repairs at the prices they desire. They know that the competition for iPhone repairs isn’t tough, and not many iPhone repair technicians comprehend new iPhones. Hence, people have to pay more than their expectations for iPhone repairs, particularly without the warranty.  

iPhones Have a Strict Security:

Apple wants to do its best to protect the privacy of its customers. Thus, Apple devices, including iPhones have strict security that even some loyal iPhone users dislike. For instance, technicians in Apple Stores will have no problem erasing iPhone data if you send it for repair. Even locked iPhones are difficult and more time-consuming for iPhone repair technicians to unlock. Handling iPhones is tougher for iPhone repair technicians than Android phones. Consequently, they have a genuine reason to charge more to iPhone users to fix an iPhone damage.

Authorized iPhone Repair Shops Aren’t Abundant as Android Phone Repair Shops:

Typically, Apple doesn’t recommend its users to contact third-party repair shops for iPhone repairs. Some people think Apple wants to capture the share for iPhone repairs itself; for some, it is for iPhone users’ safety. In any case, you won’t find many authorized iPhone repair shops in Vancouver for genuine iPhone repair. Genuine repair means the deployment of original iPhone parts to fix iPhones. Hence, people have to settle for paying more on iPhone repairs because they don’t find many iPhone repair shops.


iPhones are costly and prone to damage at the same time. iPhone users have to pay more on iPhone repairs without the warranty, in contrast to Android phone repairs. Here are four reasons to justify high-priced iPhone repair in Vancouver:

  1. iPhone repairs need expensive replacement parts to fix the damage.
  2. iPhones have complex circuitry, in contrast to Android phones.
  3. iPhones feature strict security that also makes it difficult for iPhone repair technicians to handle iPhones.
  4. Lastly, authorized third-party iPhone repair shops in Vancouver aren’t abundant.

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