Why Is A Mobile-Friendly Website Important?


Billions of people are found using smartphones. Mobile phones have played an immense role in bridging the digital divide. People in distant corners of the world are now connected by such a small device. 

As small as it may be, the power of smartphones has made it possible for people to intimate themselves with the world of the internet. Websites, applications, games, and videos all the features are only a touch away. 

This grand role of mobile phones, however, often goes unnoticed by website creators and marketers while they are designing their websites. How big of a role does a mobile-friendly website play in the performance of a website?

In this article, we will discuss why mobile-friendly websites are important. 

#1- SEO factor

Most businesses and brands don’t realize the role a mobile-friendly website plays SEO-wise. 

The role, in short, is pivotal. Factors such as loading time, images, font, and design, while opening a website play are imperative as they decide how many users are willing to visit your website after the first time. 

If your website is slow, images get cropped, or the font is not optimized according to the mobile screen then people will not be inclined towards using your website on their mobiles. Less usership leads to a decreased visibility on search engines and damages your overall website SEO. 

Therefore, it is crucial that mobile optimization is maintained at all costs. 

#2- Increased use of mobile phones

A very simple and obvious reason why websites should be optimized and made user-friendly is that there is a massive increase in mobile users worldwide. 

Billions of people are now using smartphones and have an internet connection 24*7. This high rate of mobile users makes it obvious that websites should be optimized and must be made mobile-friendly. 

A phone is now capable of running an entire business, therefore, a website is something quite trivial as compared to the functions a mobile does. 

Therefore, increased use of mobile phones means that more and more people are now using their phones to access different websites making it imperative to make websites as mobile-friendly as possible. 

#3- Easy Accessibility

Mobiles offer users easy accessibility. They don’t have to look for computers or laptops every time they have to access a website. 

A website is now only a few seconds away. Be it a small brand website or a multi-national company such as Amazon or Facebook. All kinds and types of websites can be easily accessed by people on their mobile phones. 

Therefore, optimizing a website to make it mobile-friendly seems like the natural progression for websites that were being used on laptops and computers before mobile users increased. 

In Conclusion

In this article, we discussed reasons why a mobile-friendly website is important nowadays. The aim is not just limited to increasing user-friendly features, but mobile-friendly websites also promote the website SEO-wise. 

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