Why Sustainable Fashion is the next step forward


Why Sustainable Fashion is the next step forward

We are all familiar with how the fashion industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and how their ways of creating new clothing can be harmful ecologically as well as for nature. So, to avoid that sustainable fashion comes into the view, it’s the next step forward because of a lot of reasons such as how safe it is for the environment. How it saves natural resources, reduces our carbon footprint, saves animal lives, and is animal cruelty-free, requires less water, supports fairer and safer working conditions like it doesn’t support child labor, is healthier for the people and our planet, and most importantly it TEACHES US HOW TO LOVE OUR CLOTHES AGAIN.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is nothing but environment-friendly clothing, better known as eco-fashion clothing, That is concerned with the designing, manufacturing, and distribution of clothes in a way that is good and friendly to our environment. Today’s world is dominated by the fast fashion industry where clothes are designed to be used quickly at cheaper prices and hence are seen as disposable clothes.

Humans tend to follow trends and it is no different in the case of clothing. Without giving much thought, the majority of people are accustomed to buying whatever is new and trendy. One thing that everybody wants is products at cheaper prices as fashion keeps on changing every few months or even days. With the popularity of online shopping, people have a countless number of options but it is our responsibility to make the best out of it and take care of our environment.

Humans are destroyers of our environment

People wear their clothes only a few times before throwing them away. They again move on to new cheap trendy clothes. This causes a lot of harm to the earth as it exploits our natural resources exponentially. Along with exploiting the labor force and all of this eventually results in causing an enormous amount of waste. Before you buy anything, one should always check that the cloth material is good and not harmful to the environment.

Sustainable fashion is the next step forward has a lot of reasons, adopting sustainable fashion is beneficial to us and the environment in ways that we don’t realize. It is not only good for our environment but also for the workers. Which means better working conditions and fair wages to workers.

Negative Effects on the environment

Talking about the harmful effects of the fashion industry, it is the second most polluting industry after the oil industry. It may surprise you to know that this industry is responsible for around 20% of global industrial waste pollution. Environmental damage is done to the planet by the industries which the people, fashion magazines, and newspapers are not talking about. But, with the emergence of sustainable clothing and things are changing for the good.

A handful of people caring about sustaining fashion isn’t going to change a thing. So, everybody needs to do their part. Moreover, consumers have to make their choice carefully. Sustainable clothes do not have a huge profit margin and companies are reluctant to follow. Companies will only shift if the majority of consumers demand sustainable clothing.

The generation of today is paying close attention to everything. From what they eat to what chemicals they put on their skin. And to what they wear and even put conscious effort to make better choices. So that they keep themselves healthy along with safeguarding their planet.


We are sure this article will motivate and guide you to make your wardrobe more sustainable. The global pandemic has opened our eyes and made us realize how much we are hurting our environment and ourselves. It has made people aware of the changes they need to make in their lifestyle. Also, how sustainable fashion is the next step forward for a better and healthy future. So as to not deplete our natural resources and harm the ecological system.

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