4 Things to Do at Home That Utilize Your Graphic Design Skills During Lockdown

Are you feeling bored while staying at home? Many students are at home because of the lockdown, and they are not doing anything other than using their mobile phones.

But there are several things to do and achieving a new skill during this lockdown. And learning graphic design skills just by sitting at home can be a great thing to do. So, if you are a student and willing to utilize this time productively, keep reading this article. 

Why Did This Lockdown Happen? 

We all know Covid-19 has destroyed the whole world, and our country is also affected by this pandemic. Therefore to prevent the second wave of Covid-9 PM Shri. Narendra Modi decided to announce a lockdown. And from 24 April, the lockdown goes applicable officially for the people of India, and it is still continuing. Aside from this, the students are getting poorly affected because they are not enjoying their school days and not getting a good education these days. 

What To Do To Utilize This Pandemic Time To Be An Excellent Graphic Designer? 

If you want to be an excellent graphic designer, you need to think creatively and draw your design using graphic design software. Therefore you will require a laptop and an internet connection to access the essential tools and resources. If you have these instruments, then nobody can stop you from being a high-profile graphic design professional. When you start thinking that you want to make your graphic design career with the right way and proper strategy. You need to be patient, determined and have strong management and punctual skills to implement it. So, how you will be learning and mastering the graphic design skill in this lockdown, read below. 

How To Learn And Master Graphic Design, And What’re Its Essentials? 

You have understood what you need to get started with. Now you need to install some of the applications for graphic design purposes. So, you can download CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and Sketchbox for now. Aside from this, you will also need to have a basic understanding of design principles and the theory of designs. Along with these, you will have to learn about digital typography and photography with a creative mindset. 

How To Utilize Graphic Design Skills At Home? 

The human mind is filled up with thousands of creative ideas that do not come out. And when you give proper time and show an excellent learning interest, you can get this. Here are some key points that we are mentioning here and you can utilize to enhance graphic design ability. 

1. You Can Learn To Create Creative Posts For Social Media Platforms. 

This is up to you whether you want to take graphic design training in Delhi or not because practice and creativity are crucial. As this is a lockdown, therefore, the number of social media users is in high numbers. They are in millions and billions. You can entertain them by creating funny, educational, and promotional crafts. You can learn to create social media posts and infographics and learn that social media is a great tool. Because you can see thousands of social media posts and infographics created by graphic designers just by scrolling down. 

2. Try To Get Freelance Clients Using Freelance Sites. 

Today making money online is a significant trend, and it can be the future as well because most of the companies are adopting this culture as well. If you want to polish your graphic design skills, then you need to work on real projects. Therefore having freelance work can help you because you will have flexibility to work on as per your time. You can use freelancer sites like Fiverr, people per hour, Linked In, and your social media profiles such as Facebook and Instagram. 

3. Keep Working And Enhancing Your Older Projects. 

Many graphic designers and graphic design students do not rework their existing projects even if they have been delivered and it gets accepted. This is crucial because you can make a wide range of variants, styles, and updated designs to take this skill to an advanced level. Many famous graphic designers do this to enhance their designs. You can also go for an online certificate course in graphic design or crash courses. Or you can also attend the webinars of another graphic designer to get a complete understanding of versatile designs. 

4. Analyze Other Designers Design 

You can be limited with your designs skill; therefore, other professional designers often do to get some idea and understand the way other designers create designs. You can also try this strategy and build up a good skill set. This is a brilliant strategy to stay competitive and well versed with what’s going. Also, which designs are getting a push and what other designers are making. If you keep learning these things, you can be the next high-paying graphic designer because of hard work during this pandemic situation. 

Conclusion – Thus, these are the ways you can utilize your current time to get hands-on graphic design skills and start making money. If you want to get a systematic understanding, there are many graphic design institutes and online resources. Including Udemy and LinkedIn learning, you can get this skill. So, use the lockdown time and build up a professional-level graphic design skill. 

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