7 Baseball Pitching Grips Every Man Should Know


A very popular misconception in baseball is that playing baseball every day makes you in shape for a better pitch. But the basic fact is that a better pitch comes from an excellent grip on the baseball. It would be best if you remembered that good pitching grips always appear with the correct timing.

There are the seven popular pitching grips that every baseball player must know: 

Four-seam Fastball

The four-seam fastball is a very well-known pitch, and the first basic baseball pitching grip is dedicated to beginners learning. The pitching grip is an expedition and offers the pitchers greater hold over 

the position where they place their pitch. To grasp a four-seam fastball, one must place their index finger and middle fingertip on the 90-degree position of the ball. The horseshoe seam of the ball must be in front of the ring finger of your hand while your thumb should be underneath the baseball, placing it on smooth leather instead of a gusset.

Two-seam Fastball

A two-seam fastball is similar to a cutter or sinker placed tightly and going deeper in hand than the four-seam fastball. Here the fastball is like 1-3 MPH lesser than the four-seam fastball and sinks a little. The four-seam fastball is taught as a straight pitch. The two-seam fastball is the movement pitch as there is a mild translocation and it is critical to find a strong hit on it. Additionally, the two-seam fastball provides idle speed and remains unregulated to the pitcher.

Beginner’s Curveball

This is a very good pitching grip for younger and adult pitchers. It performs exactly the opposite of the fastball. A fastball spins from bottom to top through the backspin, and the Curveball spins from top to bottom. Moreover, the leverage in a fastball develops from the blacktop of the ball. On the other hand, in C curveball, the leverage starts from in front of the ball

Circle Changeup

It is just like a four-seam fastball, an excellent pitching grip. To grasp the pitch, hold the baseball with your thumb and index finger to create a circle or just an “ OK” sign with your hand. Held the three other fingers at the midpoint of the ball and 

unfold the ball against the “ OK” gesture of your thumb and index finger. Fire the ball with equal speed as a fastball but gyrate the ball slightly by throwing the circle to the target point as if you are showing your thumb down.

Knuckle Curveball

Knuckle curveball is an advanced kind of Curveball, and it is known as the spike curve. If you can do some mind games with the batter, you should try the pitching grip. The ball should be thrown just similar to throwing a beginner’s curveball lying in the pointer tucked once again into the crease of the ball. Rather than the forefinger pointing towards your objective, the knuckle focuses towards the objective. The ball seems as though it is drifting and dashing in various ways to the player in light of the fact that there is no twist added to the ball.


The hitting legend Ted Williams said that the slider is one of the best pitchers in baseball. It is the third-fastest pitch in baseball after four-seam and two-seam fastballs. Hold the slider perfectly and position the ball in a proficient manner as you do with a two-seam fastball. You would place your index and middle fingers beside the right hem. Rest the ring finger at the facet of the ball and place your thumb under the ball on the smooth surface of the leather. Your cam uses an arm speed to a fastball and holds your wrist loosely while firing the ball to create more spin. With a perfect grip, the ball will adjunct your index finger from the outside of the ball.

Split-Finger Fastball

It is also known as a splitter, quite similar to a two-seam fastball with a twisted end. It is an advanced kind of pitching grip that works well if you have bigger hands. The pitch is held on your middle and index finger outside the seams and your thumb on the back seam instead of the front side. The grip on the ball must be strong, and the wrist should be solid. The discharge and delivery should be similar to a two-seam fastball.


As a baseball beginner, you must consult with a Hand Grip Strength Trainer before starting your journeyIt would be best if you practiced rigorously to achieve a perfect grip and release. You may feel easy while seeing the pitching grips, but the perpendicular actions, perfect spend, and time can create a perfect pitch.

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