7 examples of products or services that are difficult to sell online

7 examples of products or services that are difficult to sell online

Many ignore this point; the web is seen as the solution to any problem. Everything is possible on the internet, but there are indeed products/services that are difficult to sell online. And that you would do better to propose in a physical store or perhaps by mail order.

Activating e-commerce can be the solution to having the opportunity to open a shop on the mobile of every potential buyer.

But some realities fail to sell online due to a fundamental difficulty. I am not talking about absolute impossibility, but it often takes significant resources to address these particular sectors.

The Topic of This Post

  • 1 Luxury car and jewelry
  • 2 Machines and industrial products
  • 3 Special medical treatments
  • 4 Medicines and e-commerce
  • 5 Legal cannabis light
  • 6 Online Financial Products
  • 7 Gambling and online games
  • 8 Other sectors and complex products?

Luxury car and jewelry

That’s is a complex industry regardless, even when it comes to selling in physical locations. Online it becomes even more complicated to pass the value of a luxury car or a handcrafted jewel packaged by master goldsmiths. That’s, of course, is not encountered by the greats brand. A Brand is an identification symbol, trademark, logo, name, word, and phrase that companies use to distinguish their product from others. A combination of how could Ferrari be with its models.

But it is a historical name, known in Italy and the world. Today, those who appear on the web with a luxury product but an unknown word risk having great difficulties in retail. Difficult to pass the value of these products with simple e-commerce.

Industrial machines and products

Let’s enter the B2B.B2B (Business-to-Business) sector; an adjective used to describe companies selling to other companies. So, for example, Studio Samo is primarily a B2B company because it sells …full, the one that cannot be the victim of impulse buying. Sure, you can easily manage the sale of stationery to a company, but can you say the same about a specific supply?

Like, for example, industrial machines of stratospheric value and chemical products for particular treatments? Here the Funnel. The Funnel (also known as a sales funnel or marketing funnel) is how companies guide customers in purchasing products. Sales can take different paths; email marketing will serve up to a certain point. Then you need a phone call or a visit from the figure in charge of the sales department.

Special medical treatments

Medicine has a large slice of business to manage on the web. Still, there is a passage to underline: today, it is challenging to work in this sector because it is not easy to appear on the web, especially with specific treatments.

We are not talking about essential services such as caries treatment proposed by a dentist, but more complicated steps require deeper evaluations. And with demanding economic expenses.

Without forgetting the attention that Google pays to those who deal with medicine on the web, it is not enough to write quality texts: you must be competent, reliable, specific. Moreover, in practice, you have to respect the principles of the EAT content. For this, I suggest you look at the updated Search Quality Evaluator guidelines on Studio Samo.

Medicines and e-commerce

Topic related to the previous one and just as challenging if not more. In this case, we are not talking about medical treatments that are difficult to evaluate online, without a doctor’s consultation, and particularly expensive. In addition, medicines have specific restrictions, and you cannot advertise them on Google :

” Some health-related content cannot be advertised under any circumstances, while others can be promoted, but only if the advertiser is certified by Google and only targets approved countries.”

That makes each step more difficult. Suppose you add the responsibility to be assumed to draft the texts of a product sheet, even just from para-pharmacy or a herb with beneficial properties. In that case, you can well understand that this is one of the most challenging product categories to deal with online.

Legal cannabis light

Legal, sure. At least for now. That’s, is a market that can have significant implications in economic terms, but another step is actual: are you sure it will remain unchanged? A change, of course, from a legal point of view is enough to smash (in the true sense of the word) significant investments.

Online financial products

Here the problem is above all competition. Financial assets on the web fall into the category of complex topics to be dealt with online because there is a great deal of attention from giants in the sector who have significant interests. A budget estimates income and expenses over a specific future period and is usually compiled and re-evaluated periodically. THE… massive to invest everywhere.

And you who start working on the web today have significant obstacles to face. First, maybe you need to think about a niche, a specific sector. But it is not easy.

Gambling and online games

Other complex products to sell on the web? Let’s take a look at what falls under the sphere of online gambling. Here the risk of walking dangerously on the limit of the lawful is a high competitor. A competitor is a company in the same sector or a similar industry that offers a similar product or service in economic jargon. It could be they are not only aggressive: more. We are talking about an industry in which several negative cases are faced by SEO.Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization): the set of strategies and practices to position websites or web pages in the engines’ organic results and unfair competition.

Other complex sectors and products?

The line is this: there are no lines that are impossible to deal with online – excluding articles and illegal operations – but it is clear that good market analysis is necessary before starting an internet activity. 

But, first, to understand if there is a profit margin for your reality. Do you agree? Do you know of other products/services that are difficult to sell online?

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