6 Valuable Storage Advises to Keep in Mind Before Preparing Your Goods!

Have you been thinking of shifting from Hyderabad to Delhi? Have you bought a big house in the city and want to move into it, at the earliest and start a new life and experience a new workplace altogether? In that case, you could be considering some additional storage space because transitioning into the new place would take time for a couple of reasons – first, because the new house is still under construction and secondly, since the packing and preparations are on hold, and you simply wish to send some items to the storage unit, so you can tackle them later on! If similar is your case, then we would advise you to hire proficient packers and movers in Hyderabad, at the earliest so you can work out both your pre-moving arrangements and your storage needs at the same time!

One of the major reasons and also, a practical one is that moving to a new place might not always require a downsizing. You might simply need some additional space to store your belongings till the time you make out some space for them in your newly bought home. That’s something pretty reasonable, after all, you have not gathered your belongings over all these years to simply give them away. Isn’t it? So, if you are new to this concept and do not know the right way to organize your storage unit, then these tips are going to be beneficial, for sure:

• Decide what all you are planning to store

Before you send your goods for storage purposes, you should have a proper plan and idea of the things you are moving to storage – plain and simple. See if you want to move your appliances and electronics, if yes, then decide which ones. Likewise, if you are planning to move your valuables and some expensive household items, then evaluate which ones you would choose to send and how they would be packed. There should be a detailed inventory of all your storage unit stuff so that you can keep track of things that are there with you presently and those, that are kept in the storage.

• Check the unit before transferring goods

After good research and comparison of quotations, you can figure out which storage unit to choose for your requirement. Do not try to go with extremely low-priced ones, because you are trusting a second party for your belongings, which are the most important asset for you. So, try to go by a trusted company, and before finalizing a unit, have a thorough assessment of the same – see if the space available would fit in your belongings perfectly or not, whether the unit is climate controlled or not. These are some of the key things to look out for before you move your goods into the unit.

• Some preparation is needed, for the same

This point is in a succession of the previous point. So, before you think of keeping your belongings in the unit, ensure they are clean – properly washed and dried out. Furniture should be wiped out for excess dirt and dust. Appliances should be free of oil and smell. Every single item – whether your washing machine or your expensive clothes and accessories, stationery items, or other valuable stuff – everything should be spring fresh. With time, when things are kept within enclosed spaces tend to emit smell – and at times, it is foul because they are untidy. So, keep a check on that.

• Know the guidelines to pack a storage unit

Now that you know what you are moving into the storage unit, there is some exercise you have to pay attention to. There is a certain way to arrange things in the units, for instance – if you are moving your clothes, pay attention to which ones you do not need in the next few days or months. All off-season clothes should be moved into storage. Similarly, when it comes to specialty items like exquisite artwork or décor, you should ensure they are efficiently packed before being moved. Furniture, electronics, and appliances too need distinctive protection with great packing when they are being shifted into secure storage space. So, ensure that is there.

• Match things to the inventory when retrieving

The inventory you designed at the beginning of your move must be there with you when you are claiming your belongings for the move. Make sure to go by the name labels for each of the boxes so the process becomes easy. If you are willing to take back only a fewer box, search out for them only, instead of juggling between all the moving cartons that are there. The storage unit authorities allow people to acquire the stored boxes or even to place new items only for a specified duration. There are time slots when one can work out these things, so make sure you discuss that beforehand with them.

• Few things to pay attention to for storage

Well, you have already prepared your belongings pretty early but you must also look into the things you must not be doing when renting a storage unit. There are certain guidelines or you can say – dos’ and don’ts that you should pay attention to. For instance – Storage of food items is restricted or anything perishable is not allowed to be kept in these units – they could turn tangy and smelly and affect the ambiance of the unit. Along the same lines, you should never keep risky, inflammable items in the units as they can cause accidents. Skipping the insurance cover for your belongings is also something that should not be done.


The reason people like you rent a storage unit could be many! For instance, your newly purchased property could be under construction, or you wish to settle down first, and then figure out space so you could move in the rest of your belongings to the new home, and so on. Well, storage units are indeed a great way to keep things sorted and if you are about to rent a unit for your need, book the movers and packers in Hyderabad and breathe easy!

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