8 Reasons Why You Need Underlay for your Flooring

underlay flooring

Having a home makeover can be an exciting endeavor but without proper planning, it can get chaotic. Investing in trendy flooring can enhance the aesthetics of your home and also increase the value of your property. Changing your floor coverings is the best way to refresh your home décor. There is an array of floor options available out there, you have a choices of the following floorcoverings, laminate, wood, vinyl or engineered wood flooring. But when buying the flooring, don’t forget you will need to purchase an underlay.

Read on to find out the reasons why you should lay a wood flooring underlay before installing your flooring.

What is flooring underlay

Underlay is a thin layer of material placed between your subfloor and floor. There is a base that provides a surface over which the floor covering can be installed, it is called the subfloor. It can be concrete, wood or plywood. On top of this, underlay is laid and then finally the flooring is fitted.

The underlay can be made up of different materials, including foam, felt, rubber and fibre. There are a few important reasons why it is used, such as, sound proofing, cushioning, moisture barrier, insulation and to increase the life of the floor.

For comfort and cushioning

When you install underlay on carpets, it lends a cushioning effect under your feet. It enhances the comfort level and you can feel it as you walk on the flooring. It helps in taking the walking experience to the next level.

Are you planning to buy premium quality wood or laminate flooring? Check out the extensive range available at One Step Beyond Flooring. They offer an array of floor options including engineered wood flooring, vinyl and laminate. They also stock floor accessories, including underlay, door bars, stair nosing, sealants, adhesives and more. Their products are affordable and high quality materials used guarantee longevity.

For noise reduction

The sound reduction is one of the major uses of this floor accessory. It helps in reducing the noise and blocks it from transferring from one floor to another, especially the thudding sound of walking and this sound is called impact sound. The noise or echo you hear in the same room as the floor is laid is called airborne sound. A good quality underlay will help to absorb this as well.

Levels the subfloor, covers the flaws

Purchasing a good quality product will help in levelling the subfloor by smoothing out the surface. It covers up the imperfections. This in turn results in more stability of your flooring and a longer lifespan. If you have major imperfections, it is recommended that you address them before fitting the underlayment.

For moisture resistance

For concrete floors, experts recommend using a vapour barrier underlayment to save your floor from the damage from any moisture ingress.
You can find underlay featuring a vapour barrier on the market. The built in moisture barrier blocks the water to reach your floor which can lead to unrepairable damage occurring.

It keeps the floor warm

When a quality underlay is placed between the subfloor and floor, it helps the floor stay warm by acting as a barrier between the cold concrete and the finished product. This will be apparent when you walk upon your lovely warm floor.

Can be used with Underfloor heating system

One Step Beyond Flooring wholesale have developed an underlay specifically for underfloor heating systems. There are holes in the underlay that let the heat rise through to your floor and then into the room you are trying to heat.

It’s affordable

This floor accessory is available at affordable prices. You can buy any suitable material such as rubber, foam, fibre or felt. It saves your floor from moisture and helps in sound reduction but at pocket friendly prices.

When you plan to install the underlay, first read the installation instructions and follow the steps mentioned in this article.

Underlay is the most essential floor accessory for your project and can not only enhance the floor experience and comfort of walking but can also increase your flooring’s lifespan.

We hope after reading the blog article, you will make an informed decision of whether to use an underlay along with your flooring or not.

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