Top Ideas to Glam up your Walls with Cladding Tiles

Glam up your Walls with Cladding Tiles

Wall cladding is a technique which includes applying one material on top of another to create a protective layer of skin or coating. It is utilised to give walls a certain amount of thermal insulation, weather protection, and aesthetic appeal. Wall cladding is most popularly employed on exterior walls but you can also employ it on interior walls as well. There are numerous options available in wall cladding tiles that you can choose from, ranging from ceramic, glossy to rustic design.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the most popular ideas that you can use to glam up your walls with cladding tiles. 

So, let’s start!

Ideas for wall cladding tiles

In this section, we are going to discuss some popular wall cladding designs, starting from classic brick to overlapping cladding.

You can give your space a rustic, classic style by using these wall cladding designs. Consult with famous interior designers in Jaipur who can help you create an outstanding look for your space using wall cladding tiles.

  1. Classic brick

You can give your interior a rustic, classic style by using traditional brick wall cladding tiles. Classic brick designs have a classy, timeless appearance that will make them shine out in any space. They are primarily made of light polyurethane, which makes their installation and maintenance easy.

  • Rustic touch 

Any interior space can be accorded a distinctive, timeless beauty by using rustic touch designs. These designs feature natural materials like wood, stone, and brick cladding in earthy colours and textures. They can be utilised to give any wall cladding tiles interior character, and a more rustic appearance.

  • Chic ceramic 

Due to its toughness, adaptability, and attractive appearance, ceramic is a popular material for wall cladding. Any internal or external space can be given a chic and contemporary appeal by using chic ceramic tiles. Ceramic is a great alternative because it requires low maintenance, is simple to clean, and moisture resistant.

  • Mosaic 

Mosaic tile designs offer a distinctive and eye-catching appearance that can instantly lend a sense of refinement and elegance to any interior space. When these square shaped tiles are combined in designs or patterns, it produces a larger space appeal.

  • Warm tones with solid wood 

Any space can feel warm and welcoming by using solid wood tile cladding on the wall. To match the style of your area, solid wood is a natural and sturdy material. Shades of brown like caramel, espresso, and chocolate in addition to red and orange hues like cherry and mahogany are some common warm tones for wood wall cladding.

  • 3d stone 

Wall cladding with a 3D tiles design for the wall is a contemporary and innovative approach to give any internal or external space texture and depth. This kind of wall cladding often uses a stone design that is 3D printed or moulded and imitates the appearance of natural stone while being made in a variety of patterns, forms, and sizes.

  • Geometric 

Geometric patterns and shapes are frequently used in wall cladding designs to produce striking and eye-catching patterns. For wall cladding, common geometric patterns include honeycomb, diagonal, hexagonal, and quatrefoil designs.

  • Monochromatic 

In order to achieve a unified and harmonious appearance, monochromatic wall cladding designs use a single hue or a variety of tones from the same colour family. Geometric designs, stripes, and herringbone patterns are common monochromatic wall cladding designs.

  • Glossy 

Glossy tiles may give any wall cladding design a distinctive and contemporary appearance. Glossy tiles typically come in a number of styles, colours, and textures and are created from a wide range of materials, including porcelain, ceramic, marble, and glass.

  1. Granite and marble 

Granite and marble are frequently used mostly for wall cladding due to their toughness, beauty, and elegance. These natural stones go well with your decor because they are available in such a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures.

  1. Cement stone 

Cement stone can give your wall a more contemporary and upscale appearance. To make an appealing wall cladding look, you can arrange the cement stones in a pattern of stacking them, this can provide the appearance of texture and depth.

  1. Overlapped cladding

In Overlapping cladding, two same material panels are overlapped to give the wall a layered appearance. Exterior walls generally use this kind of covering. Additionally protecting against the elements, the overlapping design can also produce a more fascinating and appealing appearance.

From all these ideas, implement the one that attracts you the most and goes well with your design appeal. Let your home wall shine out loud with wall cladding!

You can use these ideas to utilise cladding tiles for interior walls or exterior walls to enhance the overall look of your space. Be it rustic design or brick design, if used properly can illuminate the appeal of your space. You can experience a hotel-like feel in your home only by glamming up your walls with the cladding tiles. So, go ahead and start experimenting.

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