9 Easy beauty tips for women

As we grow up, there are so many things that surround us and we end up having very little time for ourselves. As women, we are very conscious about our skin, hair, health, etc. but at the same time, we are mostly stuck in so much work that we can’t take out time to look at ourselves. 

It is even possible to pamper yourself a little when you are a teenager or a college-going student. But, as you step out in the job world, things change drastically. The day-night job captures all our time as well as energy. And if we are able to take out some time for ourselves even after getting a job, it becomes just impossible once we get married. 

The stress, pressure, anxiety, not getting enough sleep, bad unhealthy lifestyle, etc. sums up to a decreasing natural beauty! Our skin becomes dull, our health starts degrading, hair loses its shine and strength, and eventually the magic of age works but not in a positive manner. 

Hence, it is very important to take out some time from the busy schedules and pamper our bodies. After all, it is working very hard along with you and deserves some rest and relaxation. So, if you want to look healthy and thriving even in the later years of your life, you need to start prepping yourself from today itself. 

We understand that the only thing stopping you from looking up to yourself is a lack of time. So, here we bring the best, easiest, and quickest tricks that will help you shine naturally. 

CTM – Your daily routine

CTM is the best way of keeping your skin happy. Make sure that you make CTM your daily routine and if you can do it twice a day then it is even better. 

Now, most of you would be aware of the term CTM. However, if you are someone who has not heard of this term ever before then here is a quick description of what it means. 

CTM stands for cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. All three steps are very useful for your skin if done in the right way and on a regular basis. Cleansing, as the name itself, tells, cleanses your skin properly. It removes dust, dirt, and any other kind of unwanted harmful substance from your skin. Hence, it is necessary to cleanse your face at least twice a day to get rid of harmful particles. 

Second, comes the toning. In this step, a toner which is generally some kind of nourishing water is applied to the face. Toning helps in tightening the open pores of the skin and provides nourishment to the skin. Last but not the least; moisturizing is the most important one. It nourishes your skin, hydrates it, and adds to the moisture that is removed while you deep cleanse your face. 

Exfoliate- very important!

Well, many people have the misconception that exfoliating is not good for the skin. They believe that exfoliating damages the skin. This notion is completely wrong. In fact, exfoliating is as important for your skin as cleansing or moisturizing. 

Our skin releases dead cells and removes dead skin every now and then. Exfoliating helps in removing these dead cells from the face. If you don’t exfoliate, these dead cells tend to accumulate on your face and in turn leads to dull and tired-looking skin. 

Hence, make it your habit to exfoliate at least once or twice a week depending on your skin. Just make sure you don’t do it very roughly which can damage the skin cells. Exfoliate or scrub your face gently with soft exfoliating gel in a circular motion. 

Never sleep with your makeup on!

The night sleep is the most important part of the day. It is the time when you can finally relax after a long and tiring day of work. Just like you love to relax and sleep in the most comfortable clothes, and in a comfortable environment so does your skin. 

Your skin also suffers from dirt, dust, and pollution, etc you throughout the day. It also reserves the right to relaxed sleep at night. So, make sure to do a proper CTM routine before hitting the bed. Moreover, never ever go to bed with your makeup on no matter how tired you are! Makeup products are made up of a lot of chemicals that are very harmful to your skin. It is advisable to use makeup as little as you can but even if y

U are doing it on a regular basis, make sure you remove it before going to bed. After all, let your skin breathe a little as well. 

Stay hydrated 

You need to be very clear about one thing, hydrating your skin from the outside is never enough. No matter how many products you use, how good makeup you do, or whatever routine you stick to, until or unless your body is hydrated your skin can not look fresh. 

Make sure that you drink enough water throughout the day. Make it your habit to carry a water bottle with you whenever you go out to work. In summers, try to have fruits like watermelons that are rich in water concentration. If you keep your body hydrated, your skin will look fresh and it will never look dull, flaky, or dry. 

Sunscreen – a must-have!

Scorching sunlight is the worst thing for your skin. It damages your skin as nothing else does. Hence, it is very important to protect your skin from the scorching heat of the sun. 

Always keep a nice sunscreen lotion handy with you. Apply it whenever you are stepping out of the house. 

Know your skin type

One mistake that almost all of us do is not knowing our skin type. We tend to pick up whatever products look good to us or whose reviews are good enough. Well, this should not be the procedure of buying your face products. 

All face products are designed according to different skin types. for example, there are certain products that are designed for dry skin types. Hence, such products are oily in texture and are highly moisturizing. In case you have an oily skin type and you end up using these products, it would affect your skin negatively. 

Hence, make sure that you know what kind of skin you have. If you are not able to identify it yourself, then it is advisable to consult a skin doctor. 

Stick to natural things!

No matter how expensive your skincare products are, they are never going to be as good for your skin as the natural ingredients. Your grandmother’s recipes of face packs and homemade masks are the best and you should also start believing in them. 

Natural ingredients have no side effects, you can use them in the long run and they provide you a very natural glow and anti-aging treatment. Chickpea flour, Multani mitti, curd, turmeric powder and so much more, all these things are boons for our skin so try to use them every once in a while if not daily. 

Add facials to your calendar!

Facials are also a very good way of keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Facials make your skin relax and add radiance to it. But, there are a few things that you should keep in your mind while getting a facial appointment. 

Never compromise with quality for money. Always get your facials done by a professional who knows the right way to massage your face. Never let anyone use cheap products on your face just to save a few bucks. If you are getting a facial done once a month make sure you get the best one. Also, ask the professional to do a facial that suits your skin type. 

Be healthy overall!

Keeping just your face healthy is not enough ladies. You need to be healthy internally only then you will get the right natural glow on your face. Your skin is a reflection of your body. If your body is not healthy then your skin can never look healthy no matter what you do. 

Stick to a plan of regular workouts and a healthy lifestyle. Don’t indulge yourself in unhealthy eating or unnecessary snacking over junk. Drink as much fluids as you can, eat enough fruits and green vegetables, meditate regularly, try out different things to strengthen yourself like waist training and keep your body fit. If you are looking to purchase some really cheap and amazing quality waist trainers then please check out True Corset.

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