A Comprehensive Overview On Tyre Treads

Tyre Treads

Tyres are crucial to the running of a vehicle. So, you must understand what they are made of and how they function.

Parts Of A Tyre:

Every tyre is composed of two parts – a body and a tread. The former part of cheap tyres Coventry is filled with air and helps support the weight of the vehicle. The latter component, on the other hand, has a specific design and helps grip the road.

Tread Of A Tyre:

In this article, we will focus on the tread of the tyre. So, first, let us learn about its different parts. Every tread model has a unique design, defined by four components. These include:

  • Ribs – These stand out from the base of the tread and are made from blocks.
  • Grooves – These are deep indentations that run throughout the tread.
  • Tread blocks – These are the undulations in the tread which touch the road surface.
  • Sipes – These are narrow channels situated across the tread blocks.

Depending on the characteristics of the above tread constituents, three distinct patterns can be designed. Each of these has its unique features. So, even though one tread pattern is suitable for a particular set of road conditions, the other might not be. The three tread designs are as follows.

Symmetric Pattern:

Most vehicles on the road use tyres consisting of a symmetric tread pattern. It is identical on both sides of the central line, making it symmetrical. On looking closely, you will find that numerous ribs and blocks fill the tread. These are essential for stabilising the tyres and consequently the vehicle. In addition, these tyre treads have an effective spin. The magnitude of rolling resistance generated by these treads is also pretty low. Thus, the noise levels remain within the quiet threshold, yielding higher fuel economy and durability. The above design features of the tyres make them highly suitable for everyday use when they are fitted in standard cars. However, they often fail in high-performance vehicles. It is also hard for them to provide traction on wet roads.

Directional Pattern:

As you already know, every tread contains grooves. These are the narrow channels present on either side of the central line. These can coincide at an angle, forming an arrow or V-like structure. Then, we get a directional tread pattern. When travelling through wet roads, these grooves help release the water sticking to the rubber. As a result, you avoid the risk of hydroplaning.

Aside from wet road grip, tyres containing this tread pattern offer better traction in rough road conditions. They can run your vehicle through piles of sticky mud and gritty snow. Thus, these tyre treads usually form a part of winter or snow, all-weather, and all-terrain radials. However, these tyres cannot be rotated sideways. So, if you want to spin them, vertical rotation is your only option. Even then, you have to be careful about which way you fit the tyres. Look for the tyre markers, which typically say IN or OUT, on the sidewalls. IN means towards the vehicle, and OUT means towards you.

Asymmetric Pattern:

The patterns on either side of the midline of the above two tread types have some semblance of symmetry. But in asymmetric tyre treads, none of that is present. That gives tyres consisting of this tread design a unique yet stylish look. As for the functional aspect, these treads are excellent for wet road grip. They contain numerous grooves on the inside, which helps them eradicate the water. On the outside, the tread blocks increase tyre adhesion to the road surface. Tyres with asymmetric treads function just as well, if not better, on dry roadways. That makes them an excellent choice for sports vehicles and ultra-high-performance cars.

The tyres you fit in your vehicle can change the way it interacts with the road. Naturally, the type of tread design you choose also makes a difference. Whether you want to opt for expensive or tyres Daventry, is secondary to tread specifications. If you are purchasing tyres for the first time, you might have a tough time figuring out the correct one for your car. So, we recommend that you consult an expert in this regard. Once you understand which tread pattern suits your needs the best, you can find the ideal set of tyres soon after!

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