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Charging Stations

With the increase in demand for Electrical Cars, EV Charging Stations are quite popular now. These stations have popped up in various locations in cities as more and more people are turning to EVs. But since these stations are relatively new to their fuel alternatives, many people still struggle with them.

However, with all the new technology rapidly developing, there are many more steps EV charging can take. Nidec Industrial Solutions released their latest’s designs in EV Charging Stations and how they reinvent and better the existing technology for such chargers.

What Are The Features Of Their Charging Stations?

There is such a variety in the types and brands of commercial EV chargers, possibly due to the high demand. Various products get created to fit the needs of EV owners. They are not limited to just Electric Car Chargers but also have a range of Electric Heavy-Duty Vehicle Chargers.

Their charging stations consist of multiple components that work together to charge the battery of your electric vehicle. A main power supply unit gets connected with a grid network, like LV or MV. It helps provide charging to the connected vehicle. The systems are also flexible, i.e. you can modify the input and output with the specific need of the vehicle.

Here are some distinctive features of these charging stations:

Multiple Outputs for Cars- Since these chargers are heavy-duty and much more powerful than usual chargers, they can charge various vehicles simultaneously. One station can accommodate multiple dispensers or outputs and charge many vehicles together. It does not affect their performance whatsoever and provides just as efficient charging.

Depot Charging- Ever since the burst in popularity of Electric Vehicles, electric heavy-duty vehicles such as electric buses and electric trucks have also become common. These vehicles carry much more load than a car would and require more energy to deliver optimum performance. With Nidec EV Chargers, buses can get Depot Charging done in their standby time. It is perfect for other vehicles like trucks.

Eco-friendly Inputs- Apart from the regular electricity from the grid, these charging stations are also compatible with the more environmentally sound energy resources like PV. Having an option to opt for such eco-friendly solutions is an essential feature in EV Charging Stations. Since EVs help minimise the use of non-renewable energy and opt for renewable ones instead, they are a step towards helping the environment.

Management System for Data Management and Records- Their electric car charger installations come with smart management systems. The system handles all the data. It records data regarding the input of power, the output of energy, payoff, etc. They are well organised and automatically updated for the convenience of the owner.

High Output- Designed for electric cars and electric heavy-duty vehicles, the output of these charging stations is high. These chargers can provide up to 350kW of power output with merely 50kW of energy input. Its payoff is incredible and can easily help charge multiple vehicles simultaneously due to its high output.

Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Installation- The charging stations are flexible in their location of installation as well. They can be installed indoors in garages or parking areas. They can also be installed outside in open areas like parks, outdoor parking lots, etc. This flexibility is beneficial to be able to install the stations anywhere with large spaces for easy charging.

Suitable for Residential Areas- One problem often faced with commercial or higher output EV chargers is that they’re noisy. The noise generated isn’t suitable for residential areas. Since most people charge their vehicles at night, it becomes difficult to control the noise levels during the sleeping time of the residents. It is why Nidec EV Chargers have immense noise control. The chargers do not produce much sound and are perfect for residential areas too.


Amongst various revolutionary technologies in transportation, EVs have become more accessible to even the common man. For these EVs, high-quality public charging stations are also important.

Nidec has mastered the EV stations, especially heavy-duty charging stations for larger vehicles. Their striking features make them one of the best EV Charging Station producers in the market right now.

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