An Application Process of Egyptian E-visa

Visa2Egypt, an official website of the Egyptian government, is in charge of the Egypt e Visa. You must apply for your e-Visa at least seven days before coming to Egypt. Once you arrive in Egypt, the passport control authorities will be able to see it in their system after it has been approved. Getting an Egypt visa online is no more a difficult task. If you are thinking of getting visas to Egypt, then what you need to do is to go through a proper schedule in order to get evisa to egypt.

In this article, I will be discussing the application process of evisa for Egypt. 

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What Is an E-Visa Egypt?

Applying visas for Egypt does not take a lot of time. Below is the whole process of the evisa Egypt.

Egyptian Visa Application Form:

If you wish to apply for an Egypt visa, you have to follow these steps in order to complete the visa application form for Egypt:

  • On the first page, create an account on the official website of the Egyptian government. No matter how many persons are applying at the same time, you can create only one account on behalf of everyone. 
  • To begin your visa application, click the “Apply Now” button after you’ve registered and validated your account. Choose “Single” as the Application Type if you’re applying for yourself only; otherwise, choose “Group” if you’re applying for yourself and others.

First Page:

  • Make a selection about your arrival and departure dates so that your visa duration could be easily estimated.

Second Page:

  • On the following page, you must provide your name, marital status, nationality, passport information, and contact information.
  • A space to submit a scan of your passport’s information page is located at the bottom of the page. Keep in m9ind that only scanned JPG or PNG images will be accepted here.
  • Like most visa applications, there is no need to provide your personal image for Egypt visa application.

Third and Last Page:

  • The application’s third and final page requests information on the host for your stay in Egypt. If you’re staying at a hotel, simply fill in the details for the hotel. Similarly, if you are going to stay with your friend or any family member, you have to show their residency proofs to enhance the 

What is the Processing Times For an Egypt Visa?

Standard Processing:

If you make a selection of this processing, you will get your e via Egypt in almost six working days.

Rush Processing:

By choosing this visa processing option, you may get your Egypt visa in four days.

Super Rush Processing:

If you applied for super rush processing, you can easily obtain your visa in a couple of days.

Wrapping It Up:

The application for an Egypt Visa could not be easier, and it can be completed in a matter of minutes. Although the Visa2Egypt website is easy to navigate and the turnaround time of only a few hours is impressive, it’s still a good idea to follow the requirements and get your visa sorted out at least a week before your travel to Egypt.

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