Apartment Decorating in a Budget

decorating apartment

Finding a home is a tough task, be it finding a rented or a bought apartment. But the most difficult part is decorating apartment in a certain budget. It is not mandatory to spend ample amount of money to decorate your apartment and make it looked like a well lived home space. It really depends on you to get creative and decorate your house in such a way that reflects your personality and the way you want to build it. 

Therefore, let’s look at the various ways you can decorate your apartment but surely being in your budget. 

Plan A Look 

Create a small scrapbook. Add pictures of the furniture that you would like to keep in your actual place. Having a small reference book to look at makes it easy for you to decorate your home and gives you the exact idea of what it would look like once it’s ready. Take pictures from magazines or furniture store book and plan it according to the different rooms you want to decorate. It really depends on your personal style and taste as to how you want your house to be. It could be minimalistic with classic design or having it moderately styled with inexpensive items around the room. 


Bored of having dull walls? Are you tight on your budget to get your walls a fresh paint?

Well here is an option for all those who really want to have fresh bright and colorful walls but Can’t go over budget. Paintings are one of the few options that can be used to decorate your dull walls and add splash of colors. Checking out hardware store for cheaper options will help you get what you want and by not breaking your budget. 

Wall decorations

One doesn’t really need a fancy expensive wall decoration piece to make their wall look classy. Getting inexpensive pieces from your local gallery store can also help you make your walls look classy and stylish. Another option is to hang some hand paintings to get some personal touch. Hanging of family photographs will also give your walls a personal touch. 


Buying inexpensive furniture is always an option. It is a little bit of a hassle and more of field activity to find inexpensive furniture. But, having the reference ebook can help you get it out sorted by getting the exact same or similar looking furniture pieces. However, if you wish to reuse your old furniture you can get it repaint and give them a complete makeover to give it a new and exciting look. 


Generally the most amount of money is spent on fabrics. Fabrics tend to go out of style too soon. Therefore spending money of them seems to be a waste after it has gone out of style. The alternative is to go for every green fabrics that never go out of style. If your old rugs and carpets are in good shape them getting them dry cleaned will make them look as fresh as a new one. Putting some creativity with the curtains you can add two contrasting colors with one of sheer fabric and the other one being a thick curtain. Adding pillows on the sofa with good covers will also give color as well as style to your room without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Handmade accessories 

Handmade accessories add a complete different touch to your home. Roam around your area and find inexpensive classic pieces that can add a different touch to your home. You can get her pieces and all craft materials and you can definitely use it to decorate more items in your home to give it a different look and style. 

Hanging mirror, frames, artwork etc will give the space a completely different look. Adding fresh flowers, books or potted plans etc,. 

The above are different ways in which a home can be decorated along with being on a budget. It will also help you to give it your personal touch and will be creative as well. Therefore adding a few trips and tricks will always make your home feel fresh and updated. 

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