Apple Airpods Pro vs Beats Studio 3: What’s the Difference?

Apple Airpods pro vs Studio 3

Beats Studio 3 vs Apple AirPods

If you’re a fan of Apple’s EarPods, the Beats Studio 3 earphones are an upgraded take on them. However, if you’re the kind of person who likes to switch headphones from album to album, these new in-ears will probably be a bit out of your price range. Beats Studio 3 will cost you $199.95. AirPods are the more affordable of the two and are $159 for both black and white models. Both will come with a charging case, but AirPods have a more seamless design that is easier to use without the help of your phone. The Beats Studio 3 headphones aren’t always going to be the more affordable option. However, with that much customization available in the Studio line, these earphones will likely be a hit with fashion-conscious people.

What’s the difference?

For those who can’t decide between the two earphones, Apple recently pointed out that the Beats Studio 3 headphones are actually $30 cheaper than the Apple AirPods. However, to be able to save some money, you’ll have to give up a few extra features. For one, you’re not getting an Apple W1 chip for quick and easy connection to iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. Instead, the Beats Studio 3 doesn’t offer the same water-resistance and comfortable fit that AirPods do. However, if you’re not looking to spend $160, you may want to consider the Beats Studio Wireless headphones, which are around $20 more expensive but are a great alternative. You will notice the biggest difference between the two headphones when comparing their performance.

Which is better?

If you’re not on the hunt for truly wireless earbuds, these may be your best option. Though AirPods has given us quite a lot of mileage when it comes to truly wireless earbuds, the AirPods have started to show their age as their truly wireless design isn’t up to par anymore. If you’re looking for something like AirPods, get the Beats Studio 3. They’re good for casual use, but for anyone looking for true wireless sound, these Beats won’t do it for you.

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The Best AirPods Alternatives If you do want the true wireless earbuds experience, the Apple AirPods and Beats Pro 3 will deliver that for you. If you want Bluetooth earbuds for the gym or a run, these will do the job, but don’t expect much in the way of sound or design.


 Beats Studio 3 Wireless is an upgrade from the already very good Beats Studio Wireless. It is almost a perfect sonic replacement for AirPods Pro. This will definitely appeal to a range of users and their styles. They should make Beats the main option in Apple’s headphone lineup. However, Apple Airpods should get a bump in sales as customers are looking to save some money. With AirPods on sale, especially at $159, Beats should see a lot of business. Still, Apple fans will most likely only want the Airpods with AirPower and for everyone else, it will be Beats. The Beats Studio

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