Applying for the E pass Singapore visa

E pass Singapore

Singapore is a country where you can find many opportunities. These opportunities range from business opportunities to employment opportunities. There are many different kinds of big businesses in Singapore because of the friendly set of business policies it implements. It also allows easy visa applications such as the E pass Singapore permit. 

There is a high demand for labor in Singapore because of these businesses. This demand requires different skill sets and credentials from all kinds of professionals. It also requires skilled and unskilled labor from locals and even foreign individuals. 

Professionals are entitled to apply for an E pass Singapore visa if they meet the requirements. If you are interested in applying for this work visa here is everything that you need to know before applying. 

What is the E pass Singapore visa?

The employment pass is a type of work visa for foreign professionals. It entails a lot of benefits and advantages for the holder. It allows nonresidents to enjoy their stay in Singapore by allowing them to rent a property and even open a bank account.


All foreign nationalities are allowed to apply for the E pass Singapore visa. The candidate must at least be 18 years old at the date of the application. The interested individuals should have a job offer in any Singaporean registered company.

The work that they are applying for should be on the managerial executive or directorial level. Since this work visa is on the professional level a good university degree is required. Professionals should also have other qualifications or training that can add to their competence.

Interested individuals should be earning at least $4,500 starting September 1, 2020. However, the minimum qualifying salary for E pass Singapore candidates will be raised to $5,000 monthly for new applicants. If the candidate is already in their forties then they are required to have a higher salary and more experienced. Singapore provides a self-assessment tool where interested candidates can check their eligibility even before they process the application. 


This work visa is valid from 1 up to 2 years. It can also be renewed and extended for up to three years if no bad behavior has been recorded. E pass singapore holders can even apply for a permanent residency after a year of working in Singapore. 

Unlike the other types of work visa, the E pass Singapore visa does not have a foreign worker levy or quota required. As mentioned above there are also eligible to rent a property while they are working in Singapore. They are also allowed to open a bank account from any Singapore and registered bank as long as they are employed here.

This work visa allows holders to bring their family to Singapore as well. The application of family members should be processed by the same company or party agency. There are different qualifications and visas issued depending on the relation of the family member to the holder. 

How to apply for it

The sponsor company is the one required to present the application for the E pass Singapore candidate. Singapore also allows third-party employment agencies to do the process. 

The application for this work visa would cost around $105 per pass. An additional $225 will be charged after the work visa is issued. If the company has a Singaporean office then it would only take three weeks for the application to be completed. 

However, overseas companies without a Singapore registered office would have to find a representative and process the application. For this situation, it would take around eight weeks for the application procedure to be finished. 

Other types of visas

S pass

This work visa is issued to mid-skilled workers who want to work in Singapore. They should also have a job offer in any Singapore-registered company to qualify. The minimum salary requirement for the candidates for the s pass is around $2,500 monthly.

Having a university degree is preferred however Singapore sometimes accepts training certificates. These certificates should be relevant to the job that they are applying for to qualify. It should also be equivalent to one year of full-time academic study to be considered. 

All qualified as pass holders will be given medical insurance by the employer. They are also entitled to bring family members to Singapore if the qualifications are met. Just like the E pass Singapore visa this is also valid for 1 to 2 years and can be renewed once it is expired. 

Personalised employment pass

The employment pass can be upgraded to this type of work visa. The majority of employment pass holders upgrade their visa to the personalized employment pass because it has more benefits. Individuals can freely enjoy Singapore once they are personalised employment pass holders.

For current E pass Singapore holders they can apply for this visit they’re earning at least $12,000 monthly. Foreign professionals who are still working overseas can also apply if they are earning at least $18,000 monthly.

One of the added benefits of this work visa is being able to work in any sector as long as they meet the qualifications of that specific job. They can also change employers without having to apply for a new type of visa. Singapore only requires the holder to inform them about any changes. The holder can also stay in Singapore for a maximum of six months even if they are unemployed.


Foreign entrepreneurs are also encouraged to go to Singapore through this type of visa. This would allow any individual who has a business idea and wants to register their company in Singapore. 

The business should have technological innovations or be venture-backed to qualify for this type of visa. Individuals can directly apply for the EntrePass and operate the business once it is issued. 

Start your journey today

If you want to work in Singapore, the first step is to know the available visas for you. There are agencies that can process the application smoothly. Contact Ren Ai Group to get the visa application started. 

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