11 plus Subtle Mandap Design Ideas

Subtle Mandap Design Ideas: Weddings hold a very significant place in Indian culture and in an individual’s life. And this day is celebrated with the most free-spiritedness. This day marks the new beginnings for both the families of the couple. As they celebrate their unison on an auspicious day in the presence of their families and closed ones in a three to the five-day ceremony including different rituals, they want everything as per their taste; From wedding lehenga to the décor, they want it all to be of their choice.

Couples nowadays are going gaga over the viral trends and they want to make a statement by looking into every single detail of their wedding decisions. And these days modern weddings include a certain theme on which the whole process of the wedding is based and is envisioned. Deciding on a certain theme according to your preference and taste would help your planner to plan everything in sync with your choices and would help you to attain your dream wedding just how you have imagined. 

Talking about your nailing the modern wedding game, you can do it too just by making modern wedding choices. And at this point in time, going for subtle and minimal themes would be the smartest and trendiest move as people are now more inclined towards intimate weddings as you can make sure everyone is wearing masks, has taken the vaccines and followed all the guidelines. And opting for all things minimal would make your wedding subtle, sophisticated yet trendy. But nailing minimalistic wedding trends is a tricky business lest it would end up making your wedding look all dull and boring. So, the recipe for a perfect minimalistic wedding is adding a perfect amount of subtleness and chicness. 

Wedding décor plays a very important role in making your dream wedding come true. And Mandap is the place where the main rituals of the wedding take place. So it has to scream about the theme of the wedding and should look nothing less than a dream. We are here with some stunning, subtle and minimalistic mandap design ideas for you to take some serious visual cues that would help you to recreate it and attain the maximum subtle chic level.

11 plus Subtle Mandap Design Ideas :

Reddish pink drape with red and pink  roses with Lord Ganesha idol 

 Image source: Matei Horvath photography                                                    

This mandap in colour reddish pink is a perfect blend of classy and minimalism. And the golden Idol of Lord Ganesha who is worshipped at the start of every auspicious occasion is adding the maximum charm to the whole red-golden setup.

2. Yellow sunshine mandap with tonnes of fairy lights and floral décor with small chandeliers

                                                                Image source: Tarini weddings

This mandap design with minimal small chandeliers and fairy lights along with a sunshine yellow drape. The minimal floral bunch of flowers is completing the look of the mandap. 

3. Off white drape around the gazebo with white and red florals with foliage

Image source: Richa kashlekar

Minimalistic and subtle Mandap with off white basic drape and floral and foliage adornment around the gazebo is looking completely stunning. You can add some more little details like a cage with lights etc for an extra oomph factor.

4. Mandap with antique vessels and banana leaves 

                                                            Image source: Choices Entertainment 

If you want your mandap to be all basic, offbeat yet traditional then this is the inspiration you can opt for. This mandap has all the traditional elements you would have imagined without overdoing it. It has a hint of flowers twisted around banana leaves at its pillars and is adorned with some antique vessels, which look like they came straight from a mythological movie.

5.Open Mandap with just flowers and foliage

                                                            Image source: The millennial bridesmaid 

If you have an outdoor setup for your wedding which has an amazing view then choosing a subtle and minimalistic mandap would be a wise choice as this would highlight the stunning background behind the mandap like this mandap in the picture does. Simple mandap with flowers and foliage outlining the gazebo is doing the job of highlighting the background perfectly.

6. Uniquely donned circular mandap with white drapes and flowers outlining it

                                                 Image source: Weddings by Siddharth Khandelwal

This mandap design is so unique yet so subtle and trendy. The white drape is donned in a very unique manner and it is decorated with flowers and foliage outlining the circular mandap and the drape. And a bunch of flowers on either side of the mandap is adorning it very finely.

7. Pop of mustard yellow with yellow drapes and yellow flowers with antique vessels at its ends

                                                          Image source: candidweddingstories.com

This mandap on the colour yellow has a swimming pool by its side is adding the pop of colour. The mandap is ornate with yellow flowers, foliage and copper vessels placed at its pillars.

8.Mandap with Red roof adorned with red roses and foliage at its pillars

Image source: The White Box

This mandap without any drapes looks sober, subtle and spectacular. Its roof is covered with red fabric and is outlined with red roses and its pillars are covered with foliage. And the flower curtain concept is executed so beautifully in this mandap. The colour red of the mandap is contrasting and adding a pop of colour to the lush green background.

9.Open Mandap with foliage and a hint of flowers for all the bohemian vibe

                                                                 Image source: The Wedding Tantra

This mandap is donned so uniquely that it would draw the attention of your guests very easily. It is perfect for rustic or beach weddings. Unlike other mandates, it has majority of foliage decor and is in sync with the background. Simplicity and flamboyance are the words that describe this mandap ideally. 

10.Clean and tidy coffee gazebo with maroon and tangerine drape with fake garlands 

                                                                              Image source: Pinterest

This mandap with clean and broad gazebo in coffee colour with maroon and tangerine drapes outlined by fake garlands is giving major retro vibes. 

11. Mandap with marigold flowers backdrop

                                                                      Image source: Memoire

Open mandaps is a very new and fresh concept. And this mandap with just marigold flowers looks nothing less than stunning with a subtle backdrop. 

12. Circular mandap in red half drape adorned with small bells and white garland

                                                        Image source: Naman Verma Photography 

Another circular mandap whose roof is half draped in red coloured fabric and its pillars are just covered in red and white hues. The key highlight of this mandap is the small bells hanging from the roof. It is adding an extra charm to the whole look of the mandap.

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