Are Nitrile Hand Gloves Water Resistant?

Nitrile, also known as Acrylonitrile-Butadiene rubber, is a synthetic type of rubber that has been used for the making of disposable gloves for ages now. Nitrile gloves prevent hazardous accidents and injuries as they are three times more puncture resistant than latex gloves. These gloves are used in many industries like chemical industries, food processing industries, industries related to acids, oils and dangerous substances that can injure the hands of workers. There are many nitrile hand gloves manufacturers and suppliers in India who sell the best quality personal protection equipment.

Nitrile hand gloves are made from 100% synthetic rubber notable for its unusual high chemical and water resistance. Industries realized that this synthetic rubber’s properties made an ideal disposable glove material. The higher chemical resistance means nitrile gloves have a longer durability and don’t degrade as quickly as latex gloves when exposed to oils, chemicals, acids, bodily fluids or any other harmful substance.

Nitrile Gloves With High Water Resistance

Being one of the most important safety and protection equipment, nitrile hand gloves have numerous advantages over latex gloves. There are many nitrile gloves manufacturers in India who focus on the best quality of gloves as it is a matter of safety and protection. Some of which are discussed below-

  1. High puncture resistance– Industries rely on nitrile gloves because of their unmatched durability and high puncture resistance. It boosts the resistance that is three to five times stronger and more durable than latex gloves. Puncture resistance, as well as acting as a general barrier, is essential for gloves used in the medical industries, chemical industries and other related industries. These gloves are powder-free so that workers don’t have to worry about the messiness caused by the powdered gloves.
  •  Hypo-allergenic– The main reason people shifted from latex to nitrile gloves is that many people suffered from allergic reactions. Using nitrile hand gloves not only protects worker’s hands from exposure to harmful and hazardous chemicals but also safeguards against allergies and infections. These gloves are comfortable taking the shape of your hands and can be worn for a long period of time.
  • Water resistant gloves– The best thing about nitrile gloves is that they are water-resistant and do not get wet when exposed to water. As they are made from 100% synthetic rubber, they are waterproof. As these gloves are used in many industries including automotive, construction, chemical and cleaning industries, they just dry out when they come in contact with water.
  • Chemical Resistant and comfortable– Nitrile hand gloves are the most comfortable gloves and can be easily used in every type of industrial work. These gloves are highly chemical resistant and are designed in such a way that they provide protection to the worker’s hands when needed. Also, with so many qualities nitrile gloves last longer than latex gloves due to it’s high chemical resistance. Nitrile gloves protect your hands from corrosive chemicals which are hazardous and can cause serious accidents on the exposure that latex can’t stand up to. Plus, nitrile protective gloves have a puncture resistant design that can further protect worker’s hands from hazardous and dangerous chemicals which can cause serious injuries and accidents.

With so many advantages of nitrile hand gloves over latex gloves, it has become the first and foremost choice of industries. It is used in many industries like food industry (restaurants, food processing), healthcare (hospitals, nursing homes), automotive industry (mechanics), chemical facilities (production, manufacturing), cleaning industries (home, commercial) and many related industries.

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