Benefits of using dual wedge pillow

Most people don’t think much about their pillow, though it is one of the major factors, after mattress that decides the quality of your sleep. In case you are still using the same pillow that you have been using for a long time, it’s time to rethink of your options. There are a number of factors involved with a good quality sleep. Your pre-sleep routine to your bedroom environment, every element makes a difference to your sleeping quality.

Most people use memory foam, feather, or down pillows as their primary pillow option, but recently, dual wedge pillow is also becoming famous. If you have never thought to have one, do consider. You can buy Dual Wedge Pillow offered by Urbanbed which can be used as a sleeping pillow to reduce neck strain, as a sit up pillow for an enhanced back support, or as a leg rest for leg pain relief. Apart from these, you can just fold it and use as a portable lap desk and work from the comfort of your bed.

Benefits of a dual wedge pillow

Some people might use a dual wedge pillow for the feel and comfort it offers, while most people use them for specific health reasons. Dual position wedge pillow is most used for the elimination of the below-mentioned health reasons.

  • Back pain: A dual wedge pillow offers an appropriate inclination for a correct spinal alignment by stacking up the vertebrae and hips. People suffering from a back pain caused due to these reasons, use a dual position wedge pillow. People suffering from an upper back pain benefits more than people having lower back pain.
  • Sleep apnea and snoring: When a person sleeps horizontally on a mattress, the gravity working against the respiratory system leads to collapse of your airway. This interruption to the usual sleeping patterns may result in sleep apnea and you may end up snoring. Dual wedge pillow helps in eliminating these occurrences and repositions your body.
  • Night time asthma: A wedge pillow helps people in fighting night time asthma by acting against the gravitational effects and prevents the pooling of blood in your lungs that causes breathing issues.
  • Post-nasal drip and cough: Post-nasal dripping is caused by mucus at the back of your throat, and can create problems while sleeping as well as after waking up. This may even lead to a chronic cough that never cures. To sleep in a dual wedge pillow will provide appropriate elevation to upper body that will prevent mucus from pooling. This will also reduce the irritation and inflammation and provide better health. Get Some Effective Tips for Driving Through Snow
  • After-treatment care: Doctors recommend using dual wedge pillow to patients who have recently underwent surgery. You can place it over the recommended area, to reduce pain and swelling in joint areas. Some people also used two wedge pillows – one for the upper body and other for the knees.

How to use a dual wedge pillow

After you buy dual wedge pillow, you can use it in multiple ways. The most common ways among them are listed below.

  • Under the knees: Placing the dual wedge pillow under the knee will improve the blood circulation in the legs and relieves your lower back from pressure.
  • Upright: Dual wedge is appropriate for people who like to read books or watch TV while being on bed. If placed vertically upright against the headboard will provide support and help you maintain an ergonomically correct angle for spine.
  • On lap: Dual wedge pillow is an appropriate choice for people who like to work on laptops or stream videos while being on bed. If placed on the lap, dual wedge pillow will provide a comfortable, subtle incline.
  • Back sleeping: Dual wedge pillow provides a gentle elevation to the upper body for back sleepers, and the body remains comfortable while sleeping. Also, grab the latest info on Buy Mattress Online, only at urbanbed.

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