Author: Anacyte Laboratories

Anacyte Laboratories is dedicated to facilitate and improve molecular analyses of biomolecules. Anacyte develops state of the art systems for bio-molecule analyses in the post-genomic era of sciences, focusing on the understanding of genetic circuits, which enable sophisticated regulatory networks to specify cells´ fate, development, and function.

Cell fixation and preservation for droplet-based single-cell transcriptomics

In the current progress in the droplet-based microfluidics that allows the transcriptions characterizing of thousands of individual cell in a highly quantified, collateral, and penurious way. The crucial stage which is often a restrictive step is the composition of cells in an unruffled state not being modified by stress or age. In addition to this, […]

Single-cell multi-omics sequencing

Single-cell multi-omics sequencing provides the best kind of opportunities that helps to systematically explore the diversity of cells in a definite manner. Moreover, it also has a  heterogeneity that enables itself to be more comprehensive in the delineation of single cells than any other than single omics data which might be based on some kind of multichannel […]

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