Basic accessories for macro photography

Among the lovers of photography there is a very special group: the group of those who seek to capture with their camera the reality that it would be very difficult for them to appreciate with their own eyes. They are the enthusiasts of macro photography. Today we want to present to you a special post, thanks to which you can discover gifts for the macro photographer. If you want to offer the perfect gift or if you are one of these enthusiasts, you have come to the right place, one of these products at the foot of the tree and the fun will be guaranteed!

Basic accessories for macro photography

Photographers do not get lost by chance in the field of macro photography because it calls on a certain technique but also on specific equipment. For this reason, we wanted to offer you some inspiration, an article that helps you surprise the macro photographer. Accessories that allow us to get closer and closer to our small subjects, to enlarge the image in order to be able to observe these small details which charm.

Macro lens

Despite their many feats, no other accessory could match a specific lens because they allow you to photograph the smallest elements around us without the slightest difficulty. It is a premium lens with a reproduction ratio of 1: 1, so it is very bright.

Conversion lenses and filters

To complete equipment, the macro conversion lens is an economical alternative to the purchase of a specific lens. This type of lens is attached to the front of the lens, like a filter, and it will produce an incredible magnifying effect.

Stability during triggering

In all photography disciplines, it is important to maintain stability in the release, especially in macro photography. Indeed, one must concentrate on the details which generally go unnoticed, at the risk of producing vibrations which will adversely affect the final quality of the image.

So to always enjoy the necessary stability and precision, you must first equip yourself with a macro precision rail specially designed for this discipline. It is more precise than a ball joint or a head because thanks to its design, you will benefit from movements with millimeter precision and will be able to make meticulous adjustments of the position of the equipment using its knobs and graduated scales.

Extension tubes: one of the gifts for macro photographer

If we come back to the subject of optics and their function, that of enlarging tiny elements, the list would not be complete if we did not talk about extension tubes which, like conversion lenses, have a economical alternative for people who don’t necessarily want to buy a new macro lens. The precise mission of the extension tubes is to reduce the minimum focusing distance of your lens, so you can get even closer to your subject. Check for more on

As always, we offer you even more economical solutions that will help you give a second life to your long-standing goals. In this case, we present here the macro inversion rings. And there, you wonder what it can be. Well of rings to install on the mount of your camera. You will then mount your goal upside down, yes you read that right, upside down. And that will come down to working at an optimal minimum focus distance for macro photography, and so inexpensively you’ll hardly believe it. We offer macro inversion rings for most lens diameters, so find yours!

Ring or macro flashes

When it comes to lighting in macro photography, confusions appear regularly because in this category you can find lamps or continuous lighting panels alongside flashes. The flashes can be annular (ring-shaped) or not.

All these lighting accessories specific to macro photography have the same objective: to bring the light as close as possible to the element to be photographed. Lovers of macro photography will be happy to be able to count on this invaluable help.

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