South Goa Sightseeing Package

South Goa Sightseeing Package

The subtle beauty of southern Goa is a must to explore. Without doing sightseeing here the Goa tour doesn’t end. It will be an amalgamation of beaches, churches, and ancient temples in the tour. Have a relaxed tour in your private car or taxi. It’s the best thing to explore the rich culture of Goa and also indulge in different Govan delicacies. Get the vintage experience of this tiny beautiful state on the southern side.

Let us get to know about the sightseeing activities either by bus or car you can roam around at southern Goa.

Places to Visit at South Goa

Miramar Beach

A very popular destination of southern Goa, a white sandy beach with a bunch of palm trees around is a nice place to chill and get relaxed. Many watersports activities are also there. Govan food is also a very famous thing which you must try on the beach. Many restaurants nearby offer great food options. Play in the sand and make memories with your loved ones on the beach. Children will love to play in the rolling waves.

Ancient Churches

The beauty of goa is not just about beaches but the old churches add the real charm. The peaceful churches give you an idea of Govan culture and about the Portuguese impact on this state. In southern Goa, there are mainly two churches to visit. Basilica Bom Jesus and St Cathedral.

Basilica Bom Jesus

It’s a major church to visit in the vicinity of southern Goa. Not just its outer architecture is grand but from inside also it is splendidly beautiful. However, the importance of its pilgrimage side makes it nearer to the heart of the catholic people. Also very famous for the St Xaviers’s mortals which are preserved in the church.

St Cathedral

This huge church is built by Portuguese people. This church has the largest bell and the sound is quite strong among other churches bells in this state. It’s called as Golden bell. There are several marvelous paintings are inside which give an idea about St. Catherine of Alexandria. Many tourist visits this old charm of Goa. By vising this old enchanted beauty you will definitely have an idea of how the Portuguese had a huge impact on Goa.

St Augustine tower

Augustine had built this complex and this was actually a church in the name of Our Lady of Grace. As in the future, Augustine was expelled from Goa the church was abandoned. Due to some structural issues, this huge tower was fell down 3 times. Still, this place has its own appeal for tourists. Although it is quite ruined the history behind this place makes tourists attract.

Mangeshi Temple

This temple of Lord Shiva is also called Mangeshi exclusively in Goa. The high storied lantern is the main attraction for tourists. Also, the beautiful surroundings of the temple give you perfect vibes of Hindu culture in Goa. Other deities are also in the temple’s surroundings to worship. 

Shanta Durga Temple

This extremely beautiful temple of Goddess Durga was previously located at Keloshi. In the Portuguese ruling government, the goddess was shifted to Kavlem. The simplicity of this temple and the very impressive idol of Devi Durga will be in memories forever.

River Cruise (optional)

It’s an optional thing to do in south Goa. One can relax and enjoy a cruise with their loved ones. Enjoy the lively and vibrant culture of Goa and try on some exotic Govan dishes.

Tour itinerary

Pick up and Return from – Pickup from Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Candolim, Sinquerim

Departure Time – 9 am to 7.30 pm

Price excludes –  Lunch/ Breakfast

Sunset Cruise Ticket 

Dolphin Safari Trip

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Things to Remember and Carry

Always cover yourself whenever going outside with a cap or scarf

Apply Sunscreen

Drink plenty of water

Don’t carry or litter plastic bags

If required guide will be also provided

Get the pleasant experience of southern Goa and experience the great hospitality by the Govan people around. Southern Goa gives you an idea of the versatile culture of Goa. Apart from beaches, there is so much to explore in this mini-state. Visit and enjoy this ancient beauty around you, which will make your sightseeing even more unforgettable.

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