Benefits of Convert Spreadsheet to Web Application

Convert Spreadsheet to Web Application

Online Spreadsheets are web based excel document, or data sheets that people can edit in browser. They bring excel power to the office and everywhere even it is just an excel sheet. Convert excel spreadsheets into online database, you can share with other users by simple URL address.

Today it has become very easy to web-enable your spreadsheet with conversion programs available freely on the internet. And then, if you are still wondering whether or not converting your Spreadsheet to Database is beneficial for your business. Here are some of the many advantages that you will get by doing this.

9 benefits of online spreadsheet before you convert excel to online database:

Multiplatform Availability:  

Most of these Web Enabled Spreadsheets now can be opened by almost all operating systems. Like Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc., which means even if you use multiple platforms for your work environment; your application would run very smoothly on all of them without any compatibility issues.


Most of these web-enabled spreadsheet programs can be protected with passwords easily. And once protected no unauthorized person is allowed to access your files or data.

Ease of Access:

Since these programs are accessible from a web browser. Any authorized person can get anytime, anywhere access to the spreadsheet application. You have converted into a web-enabled one. This ease of accessibility is simply amazing and once you get used to using it; it would be really hard for you to go back to conventional methods of accessing spreadsheets on your desktop.  

Analytics Enabled:

Most programs can be downloaded in an editable format. Or in a form of a static application so that the user can perform with them offline. But most importantly they are all analytic enabled. Which means you get to store data and process it on your own computer. Before uploading it back to the server for permanent storage. This is just another amazing feature of these applications that makes analysis very simple without having to worry about. Security issues while uploading self-stored data into the online spreadsheet.

Easy connectivity:

Most web-enabled spreadsheets can be directly connected to databases with most relational database management systems (RDBMS). For example, if you want your customer satisfaction figures to be available in your spreadsheet; all you need to do is connect it to your database server and you are good to go. This easy connectivity feature gives the user the advantage of integrating relevant data. With ease for proper analysis of information gathered from different sources. 

Data Storage:

Most web enabled spreadsheets allow huge volume of data storage as they give room for not just storing large number of rows and columns. But also multiple sheets per file, which means one single spreadsheet can be used as a table having multiple rows. And columns where each row represents a record in that spreadsheet.


You would be surprised to know that both web-enabled spreadsheet programs and traditional desktop applications require similar amount of hardware resources like CPU Cache Memory, Hard Disk Space etc., so you are not required to invest in any new or advance hardware for this purpose. And what’s more, you can do all the work on your existing desktop computers without having to go out and buy expensive laptops or desktops with more processing power.

Since these web enabled spreadsheets are so cost effective, if you have a small business where even an additional $2000 investment will cause serious financial problems; but still want to get modernized with latest technologies available in the market today; then into online versions would be highly beneficial for you since it does not require heavy investments while bringing very high-end technology onto your desktop.

Ease of accessibility:

Since most of these programs are accessible from anywhere there is internet connectivity, you can access your spreadsheet from a remote location as well. So if you are a traveling manager and want to stay on top of the business at all times; now it would be very easy for you since even when you are out of the office your spreadsheet would be with you wherever you go.


Most programs can also be converted into other file formats like CSV, TXT etc. Which means if your boss asks for a list analysis in a different format then instead of losing time by running through each field. And converting it one by one; just convert spreadsheet to web application into that required format and there it is ready to use. 

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