Get Some Effective Tips for Driving Through Snow

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The risks of driving increase with a drop in the temperature. This article offers recommendations and information for minimizing the road risks brought by ice and snow.

Tips for snow driving

For navigating safely through the winter conditions, the advice must be followed.

Focus on the warning light of the stability control system

For detecting even momentary skids often ignored by the driver, sensors are used by a stability control system. To help keep the vehicle under control, other traction features, the anti-lock braking mechanisms and the power to the wheels can be adjusted by these systems. On the dashboard, the warning light of stability control will blink if a problem is detected. Representing the tyre tracks, a vehicle with squiggly lines is depicted by this. Till your Continental Tyres Wychnor gains traction again, you need to ease off on the accelerator if this occurs. As a skid can be exacerbated by sudden power loss, this declaration must be smooth.

Slow acceleration and deceleration

Your car continues to be in motion for some time even after applying brakes on a snowy road, which puts you in trouble. Thus, you must accelerate or slow down gradually to keep control of the slippery road gently and avoid vehicle skidding or spinning.

Slow driving while Snow driving-

To enable yourself to react gently and smoothly to the altering conditions, you must slow down your speed. For stopping or turning the vehicle, less force is needed if you drive at a slow speed. Thus, for maintaining the vehicle under control, less traction is required.

If stopping can be avoided, do it

Avoiding a sudden stop whenever circumstances allow is one way to drive smoothly. To get going from a dead stop, much more traction is needed by a car as compared to what is needed to accelerate while rolling already. For example, your approach to the red traffic light must be timed so that you still roll when the traffic light turns green. Only when it is allowed by the circumstances, this is possible.

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Maintain an increased following distance

Once again, this tip enables you to react to changes smoothly and slowly by giving yourself some time. On snowy roads, there must be around twice or thrice the distance between the vehicle in the front and you in the dry conditions. This is converted to a space of six to ten seconds between someone in front of you and you on the motorway.

Is an all-season tyre fine for snow driving?

In mild conditions of winter, some vehicle models use all-season tyres. However, for a huge range of conditions, their tread and rubber are designed. So, performance has to be sacrificed in some areas if you’re driving in the snow with an all-season tyre as compared to a winter tyre.

 Optimised rubber compounds are present in the dedicated winter tyres preserving grip at very low temperatures. For gripping efficiently onto the snow, their treads are designed specifically. The tyres also contain studs. All-season tyres may not depict these features, which also can handle huge water amounts on the road and hot temperatures. Different tread patterns and compounds are needed in such tyres meant for such conditions. 

Best Rain Tyre

Pushing the water out from under the tyre is one of the major functions of tyre tread. Thus, the surface of the rubber stays in road contact. This function is performed by the tyre effectively if the tyre grooves are deeper.

Therefore, a tyre having a good amount of tread depth is the best rain tyre. This depth can be maintained by periodic tyre rotation, switching between winter and summer tyres as per the season and getting the tyres replaced before the tread depth goes below 3 mm or 1.6 mm depth as per the law.

The tread depth of the winter tyres is optimised in such a way that it can bite efficiently into the snow, slush and ice at a chilled temperature. It may not flush the water from under the tyres efficiently. This is why; using winter tyres is not a wise step during prolonged rainy conditions. Better protection against aquaplaning is offered by the summer or all-season Tyres Wychnor throughout the year due to their tread compound working in all seasons.


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