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The Best time to visit Europe: Europe is a vast continent and the best time to visit

Europe entirely depends on which part of the continent you are visiting. Here we are going to provide you a region-wise review of or month-to-month guidebook about the best time to visit Europe.

Play ice sports in January

Europe has chilly winters that can be snowy in various regions. However, even after being beautifully enveloped with snow, Europe doesn’t get many visitors during this month of the year or we can say the number of tourists visiting the continent stays the lowest during this time of the year. 

But that would be glorious news as during the off-season traveling to Europe becomes super affordable. As prices decrease at hotel bookings, air ticket booking, food, and everything else. So, if you look for direct flights to Italy from US you will find them at the lowest prices. While some areas of Europe like London and Paris will attract you for their beauty, the other becomes the hub to play ice sports. 

Spend time in the mountains during February

If you love skiing or cold water rains, then visiting Europe in February would be the best for you. As few people share the same interest as you. The number of travelers visiting Europe during this month remains a few. 

While the horizontal rains will make sure that you get completely wet, the Alps and Nordics will serve you great skiing opportunities. As only a few visitors visit Europe during this time of the year, things are relatively cheaper here.

And the prices will start going to normal in March. Book flight from London to USA at affordable prices during this time. The reason behind the low prices is the low demand and the will to attract more tourists during January and February.

Enjoy the last month of Snow during March

Although many skiing places start closing by the end of February, many stay in business till Easter. Except for winter sports such as hiking and skiing, not many people visit Europe during this time of the year. 

Being the last month of winters in Europe, March is getting less snow every year. And there may be a future when we will not see Europe snowing around this time of the year. 

Sometimes springs start early in Europe, making March the perfect month to visit cities like London and Paris. With the end of March, a surge in air ticket bookings can be seen. And you know that the off-season is changing its place with shoulder season.

Celebrate the heavenly weather in April

The Easter holidays are the best time to visit the continent. The chill in the winds gets down, the roads have more people walking on them, and the monuments and tourist attractions have guests. 

The weather starts improving at a good speed. And the coastal regions acknowledge the most number of tourists. As April is part of the shoulder season of Europe, it is the perfect time to visit the continent. Pay more than off-season but you won’t be paying extra. Also, if you don’t enjoy roaming on the streets alone, then the low crowd of April will help you a lot. As the amount of crowd is good to not to make you feel alone but also, it will save you from getting overwhelmed with streets stuffed with people.

Be a part of small crowds in May

The chilly days leave the continent, and thus the crowds start visiting Europe. Although there can be days where the weather doesn’t fulfill your expectations but it stays great overall. Because of the Labour holiday during the starting of the month, the streets of Europe will seem busier. 

If you are a fan of smaller crowds, then visiting big cities of the continent must be your choice. Just make sure that your traveling schedule doesn’t collide with any national festival dates and you are good to go. 

Witness the end of shoulder season in June

The streets of Europe get busier during this time of the year. Although, June is the last month of shoulder season you can confront enormous crowds easily. Still, the number of people visiting the continent is relatively lower in July than in August. 

If you like crowds then visiting the major attractions of the continent like London, Italy and Paris should be your go-to option. And if you want to avoid it then visiting the less popular places must be a good idea.

Welcome the peak season in July

The number of tourists visiting the continent heavily increases during July. Although the crowds are low compared to August, the streets will start getting busier. You can get a less crowd in the remote locations of the continent but they will seem busy. 

The prices of flight ticket bookings, hotel bookings, and food touch their peaks. If you are planning to visit Europe in July, you must consider pre-booking everything. Otherwise, you may end up having no good options and still paying higher than the others. 

Spend time enjoying the best weather in August

The busiest of all months, august is the month where the peak season remains at its peak. The continent witnesses great weather with very little rainfall. August will be the month where you can’t visit one place to another in Europe without facing large crowds. And Almost everything will be completely booked. 

If you can visit Europe during this time of the year, then you must. Seeing Europe in chaos with people everywhere is a different kind of experience. And you must be having it. Also, try early booking your flight tickets(atleast2 months) to save some bucks on them.

Witness the peak season going off in September

September is still a busy month in Europe but the crowds will seem nothing in comparison to August. The prices start to low down but don’t touch their lowest. And thus, the shoulder season starts kicking on. Overall, this time of the year is a fine time to visit the continent.

The travel costs aren’t too high. The continent has crowds but it won’t seem crowded. And the weather is still great. Except for the major tourist attractions you can witness a peaceful holiday in Europe during this time of the year. Although the starting weeks of September can be as busier as August after that the big numbers of crowds start to tear down. And the arrival rate starts decreasing in comparison to the departure rates. 

Have a perfect vacation in October

The shoulder season is back in place. The schools and offices start to re-open keeping locals away from the tourist places. The crowds start growing thinner and the space in hotels starts getting freer. If we talk about the weather then there are no sudden showers and the continent stays dry during October. Fewer people and fewer rain showers make October the best month to travel Europe. 

As you won’t be feeling like you are the only one traveling during this time of the year. And you will often get the privilege to talk to or meet other people traveling the continent. Especially if you are a solo traveler you don’t want to be the only traveler visiting a destination. Also, you won’t be needing to wear a waterproof jacket and shoes always. 

And thanks to the global warming to happen, Octobers in Europe aren’t chilly now. If you are planning to visit the Alps then it won’t be a good idea as a major tourist attraction in the Alps starts closing down in October. Although traveling to the rest of Europe is surely a great idea.

Sustain in Europe’s weather in November

As the calendar changes the month the weather of Europe starts becoming unpredictable. Chilly autumn storm starts flowing sometimes combined with rain showers resulting slow travels in the continent. You have to be lucky with the weather to have a joyous time in Europe during this time of the year. 

If you are someone who loves rain or hates outdoor traveling then visiting Europe in November could be great fun for you. The prices are touching grounds during November and the continent is less chilly than December making it the perfect time for budget-friendly travels. If you want to visit Europe but have a tight budget then November can be your month to visit Europe. 

The shoulder season visits again in December

As November ends, the travel industry rises with new travelers visiting the continent. Schools and offices close during the last of December. And the festivals like Christmas and New ear attract tourism. The weekend would be specially booked and you will see people everywhere. Almost every restaurant will fell short of tables and every hotel is falling short of rooms.

The local travelers make the continent even more crowded. Although the weather in Europe in December is worse than that of November, the public holidays bring a surge in the traveling business. The winter sports start kicking off. And people who love skiing or hiking gather in the Alps region. Although the weather is harsher, Europe’s beauty is on a heavenly level during these days. Every town of the magnificent continent is sparkling with dazzling lights. The restaurants are filled with glass clicking and goggling sounds. And you will witness people having the best time of their lives.

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