Cheap Laptop PC – Best Prices and Deals 2021

chromebook with backlit keyboard

Want to buy the best cheap laptop around? A research that can quickly be compared to a real quest for the holy grail, especially as cheap laptops often rhyme with concession (s). We therefore offer you, through this guide, a selection of the best laptops available for less than $ 300, $ 400, $ 500, $ 600, $ 700 and $ 800. We will also guide you as to the typical configurations you can expect in each price range and answer some common questions so you can choose your cheap laptop in September 2021.

Which Cheap Laptop to Buy in 2021?

Discover below our selection of the best cheap laptops of the moment, ozlaptopreviews classified by price and diagonal and available in online stores offering delivery in France. We have gathered affordable laptops, in stock and delivered by French merchants. If you are looking for a good cheap laptop, you are in the right place! We regularly check if these laptops are still in stock and at the best price. As you might expect, no Apple Macbook Air or Macbook Pro on the schedule, but if you’re eyeing that side, you can check out our guide on which Mac to choose .

Best Laptops under 300 $

For a cheap laptop PC, counting on a budget of $400 in September 2021 is the minimum, at least for a 14 or 15 inch laptop for office automation. Of course, concessions are always on the program, especially with regard to performance, but at less than 400 $, it is possible to find homogeneous configurations. Unless you are ready to make it evolve later, do not focus on the processor but prefer a laptop PC equipped with an SSD rather than a conventional HDD. This is the most important element in enjoying a responsive computer. Check out our selection of the best laptops under $ 400 on this page. Around 400 €, we also advise you to look at the Chromebook side , which is an interesting alternative and allow daily use without too many compromises.

The editorial staff and the Digital Laboratory test notebooks every week; Mac, PC, if you want to find them all, a complete comparison of current laptops is available.

In the lot, entry or mid-range laptops are the most popular in France: – to equip themselves at a lower cost, – because not everyone needs a powerful machine intended for assembly 3D resource-hungry video or games.

Chromebook with Backlit Keyboard

A “cheap” laptop PC is a computer offered between € 200 and € 600. It is usually equipped with a 13 “to 15” screen. Component side, you can find indifferently:

Intel or AMD processors (with no clear preference on our part at this price),

storage ideally on SSD (durable, responsive, silent, less subject to heating than the classic HDD; ideally aim for 256 GB of space),

a screen panel often of TN technology even if we prefer the IPS for its best viewing angles, for their best quality on average; there are good TN displays, but also very bad TNs – IPS are generally “good” to “very good”,

graphics cards (Intel, AMD or Nvidia) and batteries suitable for everyday use, but not the most advanced.

Finally, be sure to have a memory, the RAM, of at least 8 GB on the chosen machine, even if it means going up a little as an option at the last minute. This will significantly reduce the risk of the machine blocking, it makes it possible to manage more tabs open in browsers, it gives more air to the heaviest software.

This buying guide offers you the best laptops tested in our laboratory and sold commercially for less than 600 

Acer Chromebook Spin 513

The Acer Chromebook Spin 513 is an interesting ultraportable with a neat appearance. It suffers from some notable flaws, such as its poorly made keyboard, limited brightness and low storage space. He nevertheless possesses undeniable qualities; we think in particular of its convertible screen, its great autonomy and the possibility of installing applications from the Google Play Store. This Chromebook can thus be a good alternative to entry-level PCs which generally have big gaps.

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