Common Occasions for Which You Can Use Furniture Hire Service

Event Furniture

Furniture Hire is now in fashion trend. Most of the event organizers prefer to hire event furniture. It is the best approach to stay classic at your budget. Here the winter season is filled up with lots of events, and the business of furniture hire is on the rocket. 

There is a common occasion where the host uses a furniture hire service. Let’s discuss below

The cocktail event along with the wedding

When you organize a cocktail party for your wedding, you have to arrange enough seating furniture for the sake of the comfort of your guest. But you don’t need to arrange a seat per guest. You just have to make sure sufficient amount of chair for your guest. Because each guest won’t seat at the same time. The excess chair will occupy the event space and make the atmosphere congested. Nobody would like to seat for the entire event time. Event management professionals always advise arranging the number of seats of just half of your guests. It is an absolute measure of chairs. You can arrange 50-70% chairs of your total audience. Just keep in mind the ages of your attendees.

Add different type of furniture style

To make the event ambiance classy and elegant, incorporate a variety of table and chair styles. According to our opinion, the most functional and efficient cocktail event should be visually appealing, and you must include both low and high seating options. Professionals always suggest implementing the combination of furniture styles of different lengths and heights. For example having assigned couch regions just as some dry bars and stools, or some bistro-style tables and seats. This assists with making an intriguing and adjusted space, while additionally interesting to the various periods of your attendees

Put complementary textures and colors in your furniture decor

While you are aiming to create a classic ambiance at your cocktail event you need to focus on the complementary color and texture of the furniture décor. For a cocktail-style wedding, you can combine together the theme of wine barrels, bentwood stools, and French linen furniture. This is an excellent combination to work with. To get more Palm spring vibes you may add Can furniture along with bamboo, and decorate your sofa with colorful cushion

Garden parties & outdoor events

When you plan to arrange garden parties and outdoor events you have to take care of too many things including the style and durability of chairs and sofas. The basic feature of patio furniture has to be durable exposure to the weather of the environment. Basically, there is no 100% weatherproof furniture available in the market. There are some grades available to measure the quality of outdoor event furniture. Component and material of the furniture is much important to measure the quality of outdoor furniture along with durability.

The basic component of outdoor furniture is frame, upholstery, tabletops because they bolster the structural integrity and durability over summer, winter, and in the rainy season. The outdoor event furniture has to face different weather conditions. 

The pricing depends on the time and efforts required to manage the material throughout the year.

Factors that need to include for garden parties and outdoor events include:

Rain & Moisture

If you stay In a region where frequent rainstorms take place, with extensive humidity, you must assure your furniture Is resistant to moisture and water. Moisture and standing water not only physically harm the material but also develop health risks.

Mold, Mildew & Rot

Humid and moist condition is extensively bad for the furniture for fungi to thrive. Organic materials often hold moisture and usually attract mild and meadow which instigate respiratory complications. Rot gradually degrade the furniture and continuously decompose the material.

Rust and Corrosion

Metal made with steel and iron is often prone to corrosion when they are continually exposed to oxygen and water. This oxidative process gradually damages the furniture. Therefore we can see rust and enough discoloration. So you need to check the steel and iron quality before furniture hire.

Sun & Temperature

If someone lives in the summer region with lots of UV exposure or having dramatic climate shift, then he needs to look for the outdoor event furniture made from the material which is UV ray proof and temperature shockproof ( due to drastic change of temperature)


Few materials significantly expand and contract when the material is being heated and cooled subsequently. The process can split, crack, and sometimes get brittle due to the extremity of temperature and drastic fluctuation. Sometimes furniture also cracks and bends the event furniture.


Last but not the least, you have to choose durable furniture for your outdoor event, because they have to tolerate the most rather than indoor event. The event furniture should be durable and flexible.

Chair hire in London is very famous. They often used to provide fadeproof, crack-proof, durable furniture. You can take professional assistance to avail the best product out there.

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