Craniotomy: Everything you need to know about cost, Success and Risk

craniotomy surgery cost

Surgery may sound daunting. We all know the brain and heart are the two most important parts of human life. Now, imagine someone operating your brain can be so intimidating and haunting. It may give a feeling of numbness. Yes, brain surgery is also performed which is termed as “craniotomy- bone flap” to access the part of the brain. See how far our medical science has gone. No one in their wildest dreams would have imagined such sort of operation. Craniotomy surgery cost depends on several factors and India is the best destination for it. 

It is difficult for people who undergo this surgery only to get treated for their other illness namely brain tumor. Well, if you think about how all this can be managed alone by yourself then the good news is ‘You are not alone in this.’ HBG medical assistance company has assisted thousands of medical tourists in India with craniotomy treatment at the best hospital in terms of the best healthcare services and other requirements of medical visas and accommodation and more. 

What is craniotomy? 

For those who are unfamiliar with this term- Craniotomy is a medical procedure to open the scalp, the skull around the problem area is removed and then screwed back (literally screws) onto the skull and the scalp is then closed using the staples. Doctors use special tools to remove the section of the bone called the bone flap. 

“Human brain is the source of all suffering and also the source of all happiness.”

Sudden blood clots, trauma or an injury, or any inflammation in the brain will require immediate medical assistance. If you feel you can relate to anything said here, please make an appointment with your doctor today or speak to anyone at HBG medical assistance. Every problem comes with a solution and every brain injury comes with treatment options. 

A craniotomy can help treat blood clots, brain tumors, infections, or edema along with palliative care and advanced medical procedures. Many patients across Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and Ethiopia have taken the help of HBG to get their medical treatment done in India. 

Apollo hospital is considered to be the best cancer hospital in India for craniotomy treatment. 

More about craniotomy:

Doctors reach the specific part of the brain with the help of MRI and CT scans to get the precise location of the tumor in the brain. There are various types of craniotomy procedures namely extended bifrontal craniotomy, minimally invasive eyebrow craniotomy, keyhole craniotomy, and others. 

Wondering why is craniotomy performed? This procedure can be performed for a number of reasons:

  • Treating epilepsy
  • Repairing skull fracture
  • Treating brain tumor
  • Repairing of an aneurysm
  • Removing blood clots 

And some other reasons.

Risks of Craniotomy surgery:

Talking about risks, every treatment comes with certain risks and complications. Brain surgery is more intense and difficult to perform. For instance, if the area of the brain that controls the speech is performed, then the speaker may or may not be affected. Other risks include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Pneumonia
  • Unstable blood pressure
  • Seizures
  • Muscle weakness
  • Swelling of the brain
  • Leakage of cerebrospinal fluid

Some other risks associated with the surgery include the following. These are rare complications that may or may not occur and are generally related to the specific locations of the brain. 

  • Paralysis
  • Coma
  • Memory problem
  • Speech difficulty
  • Abnormal balance or coordination 

Also, there are other risks depending on your health condition. You need to discuss all the risks associated with your concerned doctor prior to the start of the procedure. 

If the craniotomy surgery is done, then the person is required to stay in the hospital under observation for a week’s time. The average craniotomy surgery cost in India is estimated to be USD 800 to USD 7400. The cost comprises several factors namely medicines, type of clinic, diagnosis and procedures cost, and follows up care. 

Success rate of craniotomy surgery:

Craniotomy surgery survival rate will totally depend on the severity of the damage that needs to be corrected, the type of brain tumor, age of the patient, and overall health condition. On average, the survival rate of craniotomy surgery in patients is between 50-70% except in the cases of malignant tumors where the chances are lower than 50%. In the case of brain tumor surgery performed for a benign tumor, the chances are enhanced. 


Brain surgery such as craniotomy is a complex medical procedure and every procedure comes along with certain risks and complications. The survival rate will completely depend on the overall health condition of the patient, the type of tumor, and other factors. Before you decide to jump to the surgery, it is advised to discuss the possible risks and complications with your doctor and accordingly take the decision. 

According to the best hospital for craniotomy treatment in India, although many medical tourists across Kenya and several other countries have undergone craniotomy for some reason or the other with positive outcomes. HBG medical assistance will further help assist your medical accommodations along with hospitals and doctors. 

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