A quick guide on how to develop an on-demand home services app like UrbanClap

In the fast-paced world, everyone is busy with their schedule as they do not get sufficient time to do their household chores. On-demand home services apps come as a solution as people can avail themselves of the home services with a few taps. There is no doubt that the home service is the modern solution for old-fashioned problems.

As there are many on-demand home services apps in the market, UrbanClap conquered the on-demand segment by offering the best quality services at a competitive price. If you are thinking about developing an on-demand app like UrbanClap, this blog will give relevant insightful information on UrbanClap clone app development.

An overview of Urban Company/UrbanClap

UrbanClap is an on-demand app that connects customers with professional service providers. It offers a large number of home services that make a livelihood more comfortable. It was founded by Abhiraj Bhal, Varun Khaitan, Raghav Chandra in the year 2014. It was operated in India, Dubai, Sydney, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore. More than 3 million people use the UrbanClap app. On average, it reaches 5000 daily users. On the whole, there are 107 services available on the app.

In 2017, UrbanClap’s yearly revenue was around $1.7 million. Its total funding is about $110 million. In 2020, its revenue was raised to 103%. In the initial stage, it was named Urban Company and later renamed as UrbanClap as they have expanded its service globally. To stand out from the other service-based companies, UrbanClap focussed more on determining customer behavior and implementing various marketing strategies like Google Ads, Social media promotion, Youtube, and Influencers.

How does an on-demand home services app like UrbanClap work?

Service provider side

  • The service provider has to register or sign up with the app by specifying the necessary information.
  • Once the service providers’ details are added to the app, the customers have the option to choose them and select the services to avail.
  • The service provider has the option to accept or decline the service request. Upon acceptance, the app sends a notification to the customers and service providers.
  • Then, the service provider reaches the customer’s location and provides the service.
  • Note: If the service providers cancel the service request for any reason, they have to pay the cancelation fee for the same.

Customer side

  • Customers can download the on-demand app on their smartphones. Upon installation, they have to complete the registration process by specifying the relevant details.
  • Next, they can choose the service they need to avail. After selecting the service, the app displays details of various packages. They can choose the package based on their budget.
  • The app prompts the customers to choose the preferable date and time. Meanwhile, the customers can check the service providers’ profiles to know about them.
  • Upon completing the service, the customers have to make a payment via the available payment modes. They can choose the payment option according to their convenience.
  • Lastly, the app prompts the customers to provide reviews about the service they have availed. It is their wish to provide feedback.

Step by step instructions to consider during UrbanClap clone app development

Step 1 – Observe the market trends

First, you have to analyze the market and understand the needs of your target customers. Secondly, you should know the strategies that your competitors have followed. Doing this will help to frame a plan that paves the way to run your business in the long run.

Step 2 – Decide on which features to add to your UrbanClap

At this stage, you have to make a decision on which features to be added to your app. To develop an app similar to UrbanClap, never miss out on the following features.

Customer app

  • Easy registration
  • Payment option
  • In-app chat
  • Feedback
  • Push notifications

Service provider app

  • Service charging setting
  • Time availability setting
  • Payment management
  • GPS navigation
  • In-app call

Step 3 – Prototype

Prototyping is the first step in determining a business idea, as this helps to validate your app. In simpler terms, an app prototype will give a thorough insightful information into the design, interactions, and ideas.

Step 4 – Choosing the app platform for deployment

Selecting the right platform is an essential aspect to determine app success. Some of the popular platforms such as iOS, Android, Web app, Cross-platform, Hybrid, etc. Decide on which platform to launch your app based on your target audience.

Step 5 – App design   

Make sure the design of your on-demand app is attractive. Also, keep in mind to provide a smooth and clutch-free functioning on the Urban Company clone app.

Step 6 – App testing

Once done with the designing and developing stage, perform quality testing to ensure that your app is free from errors, glitches, and bugs.

Step 7 – App launch

After completing the above steps, promote your app using any marketing strategies. Now, it’s time to launch the UrbanClap clone app.

Cost estimation for UrbanClap clone app development

There is no exact cost to say for developing the UrbanClap clone app as it depends on numerous factors like app platform, technology stack, location of the app developer, app features, and much more. It solely relies on individual business requirements. If you want to develop an app on a limited budget, consider the basic app with general features incorporated into it. The time taken to finish the UrbanClap clone app development process depends on the app’s complexity.


UrbanClap is standing in the first position among the on-demand home services app. Almost every individual prefers this app when they have no time to perform their day-to-day work. This aspires many startups and entrepreneurs to set foot into the on-demand industry with an on-demand home service app.

UrbanClap clone script is the best choice as it facilitates entrepreneurs to launch their apps right now. Apart from this, this clone app solution is customizable, white-label, and scalable. Therefore, it is modified according to the holistic individual business requirements.

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