Dental Floss vs. Water Pick: Which is better?


A smile that is healthy and gorgeous captures the attention of everybody. So, it is very important for you to maintain good oral hygiene. Otherwise, gum disease, tooth loss and cavities can occur in your mouth. Sometimes the heart health gets negatively affected because of gum disease. It will be good to use fluoride toothpaste so as to brush the teeth 2 times daily. However, there are certain areas between your gums and teeth where the toothbrush can’t reach properly. In this situation, you need to floss your teeth. But will you choose a Waterpik flosser or dental floss to clean the teeth? Now I am going to tell you which is better among dental floss and Waterpik.

Dental flossing

If your teeth surface has food plaque then to remove it in an effective way you need to brush the teeth. But when the two adjacent teeth have food particles stuck in between them for removing those particles brushing is not sufficient. Here it becomes necessary for you to floss your teeth. In order to remove the food particles and plaque that stick in between the teeth, you need to do up and down scraping with the help of a thin string.

Its pros

Flossing has a number of advantages:

·       From the teeth, excess food can be removed efficiently with the help of this method.

·       It does not cost you so much.

·       You can do it anywhere easily and quickly.

Its cons

It has a number of disadvantages also:

·       Some people cannot handle flossing.

·       Sensitivity in gums can occur because of this.

·       You have to do it regularly, otherwise minor bleeding can occur.

·       Your mouth has some areas where it cannot reach easily.

Process of doing it

You can floss your teeth very easily. For doing it properly a dental hygienist or dentist can help you out. In order to floss you need to follow a number of steps:

1.Here you have to use your hand’s middle finger and around it, you have to wind an 18 inches long floss piece.

2.Then use first fingers and thumbs and in between these two, you have to keep the floss by pinching it.

3.After that you have to use both of your hands and in between them, the floss needs to be kept in a tightly pulled position.

4.In the back-and-forth direction, slide the floss gently between adjacent teeth by using your index fingers.

5.First do it in the upper jaw and then do it in the lower jaw.

Water picking

Here in the gums and mouth a flow of water is directed by a machine specially made for that purpose. But why do we do this? Sometimes in the teeth, the food particles stick. For removing these particles away and giving your gums massage, a flow of water is used at a certain pressure. In this process, if the plaque needs to be removed then there is no need to scrape the teeth.

Its pros

There are a number of advantages of water picking:

·       Individuals having bridges and braces can easily use it.

·       Your gum health can improve with the massage.

Its cons

There are a number of disadvantages of water picking:

·       A water pick is costlier than floss.

·       If you want to use it outdoors then this can be very difficult because water and electricity are required for accessing it.

Process of using it

For using it, you need to follow a number of steps:

1.In a holder you need to fix a tip. At the device’s base attach a warm water-filled reservoir.

2.Then the device needs to be plugged in. At first, the pressure needs to be low.

3.After that in the mouth you have to insert the tip.

4.First the back teeth need to undergo the process and then the other teeth will undergo the same process.

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