How to Bring the Lost Romance Back into Your Life

Love Painting Images
Love Painting Image

When you start a relationship, everything is new, and you have passion for it. Feelings enthrall you and fill you up with happiness and joy. With time, it becomes routine work for you and you begin feeling boredom or dullness. If you keep the things going on, your relationship can end one day. You need to keep the sparkle alive and be romantic most of the time with your spouse. Here are a few useful steps to bring the lost romance back into your life:

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Go into the past

Before you move ahead to ignite the fire of love, affection, and romance, you should go into the past. Have a little pressure on your mind and remember how your relationship with your spouse was a few weeks, months, or years ago. And for this, you can go through the photographs in the album, your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. Further, you can go through a few love painting images depicting a couple holding each other’s hands or walking in a park. It will help you have soft feelings for your partner and be romantic to him/her.

Talk openly

Communication is a key to solve any issue and make things better. For a relationship, it helps you to remove the gap/doubts both of you might have. Whenever you feel you are losing the sparkle/romance you had in your relationship, talk to your partner. Before you start speaking, try to be a good listener and carefully listen to what your partner wants to disclose. Be open on each topic whether it belongs to family issues, sex, children’s problems, or professional life (job or business). Open talk will facilitate you to comprehend each other better and take the requisite action to sort out the issues.

Make love

Making love with your partner is the most effective and simplest step to bring love and romance back into your life. Love-making makes both of you have security in the relationship and takes both of you closer. It removes the gap you have and helps you understand why both of you are together. Making love will help you get rid of your stress. It doesn’t mean you should make love every night but it means it will be satisfactory for both of you whenever you get indulged in physical intimacy.

Spend quality time with each other  

Whether you are in a loving relationship or married life, your relationship requires time. A relationship, especially loving/married one, doesn’t require sex/physical intimacy only. It needs quality time from both of you. Whether you are in a private/public job or run a business, avoid mixing it with your personal life. Try to maintain a balance between your personal life and professional life. Once a week or more in a month, take out some time to make it only for your family members and spouse. If possible, take your spouse on a holiday to spend quality time together.

Try something new

You know doing the same thing makes you feel bore/dull. Take an example; no one loves to eat the same dishes for a week or month continuously. Similarly, you should do something new that you haven’t done together. It could be playing a new game, using a new position for sex, going on a picnic, climbing a tree/mountain, etc. Further, you can join a dance class or do fun activities together. Apart from making both of you spend time together, doing something new will encourage you to help each other to do it rightly.

Be honest and trust each other

Honesty and trust in each other is the key to make your love/married life better and bring the lost romance back. If you are not honest and don’t trust your partner, you won’t be able to save your married or love life. First of all, you need to be honest to one another and trust each other. Further, work on removing the insecurity feelings both of you have. Make it clear what you need to do to regain the lost trust.


Bringing lost love and romance is an easy job. And for this, you need to be honest with each other and rebuild the trust you had. Further, spending time together, making love, trying to do something new, and talking can help you a lot. Your understanding will increase and you will have the sparkle back in your life within a few days.                          

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