Developing and Launching Taxi Ordering App Like Uber In 7 Days

uber clone app

People hardly have time to wait in a queue for public transportation. All thanks to Uber who have made traveling quick, comfortable, and affordable.  The fast-paced lives that we are living today are because of the thriving on-demand taxi booking app. Uber is a familiar business model that every entrepreneur wishes to replicate. If you are looking for a startup business in the on-demand transportation industry, creating an Uber Clone App can be highly beneficial.

Every day hundreds of apps are launched in the app market.  However, not all able to make it, as they are uninstalled due to a lack of seamless functionality and features. The idea to develop an app like Uber is good. Partnering with a reliable app development company can bring your taxi business the success that you need.

Kickstart Your Taxi Booking Business Using Uber Clone In 7 days

 Uber Clone App is ready-to-use scripts developed on open-source code. It is not the process of copying the Uber model but, recreating it with similar features, and advanced level functionalities and launching it under your brand name. Thus, it is completely a legal process.

uber clone app

The specialty about the Uber-Like Clone App Development

Uber Clone App will be your brand running your taxi app business. The taxi app clone script solution is equipped with an intelligent UI that makes it simple for your customers to hire cabs in minutes.

Completely customizable, the features that you find with the new Uber Clone App are designed after considering the pain points of the Taxi business owners, drivers, and users. 

The application makes an intuitive taxi booking system that makes it easy to keep tab on the earning management, feedbacks offered by the customers as well as allowing you to track and monitor the progress of your drivers to make sure your business operations are running smoothly.

User-friendly New Version Features Of Uber Clone App

Restricted passenger limit

The driver restricts passenger limit as per new COVID19 rules by the government. Thus ensuring that the passengers are safe.

Face mask verification

The driver uploads the selfie wearing a face mask ensuring that he/she is following safety practices.

Safety checklist

The COVID19  safety checklist is displayed when the user books the trip. This ensures that the safety measures are followed.

Safety ratings and reviews

Once the trip ends the app asks the user to provide ratings and reviews to know if the driver followed safety measures.

uber clone script

Ride cancellation

The driver and the user both can cancel the ride if they find either of them not following the safety protocols.

Apply toll cost manually

In some countries, there are no tolls to consider. In such circumstances, the feature the driver can add the charges manually and added to the invoice once the trip ends.

Taxi fare calculations – 2 methods

  • The rider has to pay as per the estimated fare
  • Calculates the fare based on the road traveled by the rider

OTP verification to start with the ride

The driver asks for the OTP confirmation from the user before starting the trip.

Graphical status of the ride

The user gets to know the real-time status of the ride through a graphical icon via in-app notifications.

The cost of an app depends on the features that you are integrating. Also, the OS platform and technology that you are using makes a huge different to the Uber clone app development cost.

Launching Taxi Booking App In A Week

The potential of the taxi app business is huge. We are living in a mobile era, thus having a mobile app for the business has become a necessity. People are becoming dependent on Uber-like apps for their traveling needs.

If you are planning a venture by investing in the taxi business, buy a white-label 100% customized Uber Clone App from a trustable
app development company.

Since it is a ready-made application, the coding and testing are done. Once you have okayed the demo with the features you wish to integrate, the app development team starts with the white-labeling process. It hardly takes a day to incorporate your brand name, features, themes, and colors that align with your business brand. Launching the Uber Clone App under your name in the Play Store/Android Store is a day’s work. Thus, the entire process takes 7 days to launch your taxi business with Uber Clone App.

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